Outdoor Patio Speakers: Simple to Install, Incredible to Have

Life without music is boring at best; add some tunes to your backyard by installing outdoor patio speakers. This valuable addition is likely easier than you assume!

Outdoor patio speakers are a great way to spruce up your parties or even a laid back family BBQ. With so many different selections to pick from, you can use speakers as decoration, hide them underground, or simply mount them to the outside of your home—either way, they will produce a great environment for any occasion. To avoid any hassles, make sure that you purchase the patio speakers that work best for you. Once you know how to choose and install patio speakers you will be ready to get started adding value and fun to your outdoor areas.

Do-It Yourself Outdoor Speakers

Polk Audio Outdoor Patio Speakers

Polk Audio Outdoor Speakers from Amazon

It’s never been easier to install outdoor stereo speakers without the help of an expert. A simple way to suddenly have outdoor speakers is to use your indoor system for fuel—so long as it’s approved for indoor and outdoor use. With some high quality speaker wire you can connect your indoor system to the outdoor volume box and speakers. While this might sound messy, it is actually fairly basic and can be done in a discrete manner. Speaker wire is thin and comes in a variety of colors; choose one that blends in with your walls and you can run it along the base of the floor, tucked in tight with wall staples. Since it is not recommended you run your wires out through windows or doors, many people find that they have to drill holes through the exterior wall in order to run wires out. If this is the case for you, make sure to aim drill the hole as low as possible so that it will not be as noticeable, and be sure to fill the hole with caulk.

Once you have installed your speaker box and made sure your speakers have a secure place to hang, you can start plugging everything together. Before you mount your speakers to the house, conduct a sound check—otherwise you could create added work and trouble!

Selecting the Right Speakers

The key to enjoying your new sound system is to make sure it suits all of your major needs. For starters, if your yard has many turns, curves, or space, you will need speakers that have a good low frequency base so that the sound carries and does not become distant or faint. Plan accordingly too, it’s always better to add more speakers than to simply turn up the volume otherwise some spots of your yard will be clouded in too much noise, while other areas don’t get much buzz at all. Knowing a general number of speakers you will need ahead of time can help when it  comes to planning out your budget.

While the best outdoor speakers will not be the same for everyone, all speakers will benefit from proper placement. According to Crutchfield Editor, Amanda, “Set your speakers approximately 12 feet from the listening area and 8-10 feet apart from each other for the best stereo imaging.” In order to produce the best quality sound, don’t place speakers more than 10 feet from the ground either—in fact the closer to ear level your speakers are hung, the better. 

Discreet Outdoor Speakers

Fake Rock Outdoor Patio Speakers

Fake Rock Speakers from Amazon

If attaching a bulky sound box to your house sounds less than appealing but you still want outdoor music, perhaps cordless outdoor speakers are the best selection for you. Wireless outdoor speakers come in a variety of funky shapes and designs, all meant to spruce up the overall appearance of your yard. Some can look like lanterns while others are imitations of rocks,—like these large outdoor rock speakers offered through Amazon.  If you’d rather add something more fun than a rock, you will be pleased to know that discreet speakers come in many design styles; this particular speaker is shaped like an oversized frog! .

What to Look Out For

Even if you purchase waterproof speakers, with any electrical system extra precautions are always advised. For starters, make sure no water can get inside of your volume control box by keeping it 100% sealed on all edges.
Also, where you place your outdoor speakers will determine the risk for exposure, speakers that are not shielded by the etchings of a frog or a rock are better placed beneath your porch or close to the house, hidden just beneath the overhang. Placing your speakers in a safe spot will keep them free of damage when the bad weather rolls in.

Learn more about the technical tidbits on how to choose and install patio speakers by checking out Amanda’s in-depth article on installing outdoor speakers, here.





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