Kingsley Bate Company

Kingsley-Bate Furniture Company specializes in creating elegant outdoor furniture of outstanding quality.  Three basic lines, with many styles of each, ensure that there are plenty of options to choose from.  Solid teak, stainless steel, and all-weather wicker comprise the three lines of Kingsley Bates furniture.

Kingsley Bate Teak Furniture is Like No Other

Kingsley Bate Mandalay Teak Bench

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Furniture in the Kingsley Bate teak line is made from only the highest quality, grade A, ecologically harvested teak.  Kingsley Bates teak comes from plantations in Indonesia and Burma, where harvesting and replanting are carefully controlled, ensuring a ready supply of teak for years to come.

The time-tested construction technique of mortise and tenon joinery is used to make a solid piece of furniture that will not wobble.  This is where a tenon (section on the end of each board) is trimmed down to fit inside of a mortise (a hole in the receiving board).  Furniture made with this technique will easily last years more than furniture made with cheaper and easier, but inferior, methods.

The teak wood is kiln dried for stability, so your furniture won’t warp or twist.  It is then sanded incredibly smooth to avoid splinters, or even a roughness that catches on your clothing.

The warranty on Kingsley Bate teak furniture is just as outstanding as the quality of their product – 5 years if used in your home, or 3 years if used commercially.  No other company comes even close to trusting their outdoor furniture to hold up this well.

Kingsley Bate Stainless Steel Furniture – Artistry and Functionality

Kingsley Bate Tivoli Square Dining Table

Kingsley Bate Tivoli Square Dining Table

The Kingsley Bate line of stainless steel furniture is artistic as well as functional.  They use heavy gauge #304 stainless steel, the same type of steel that the St. Louis Arch is made from.  This steel forms an invisible layer that is impervious to water and air, ensuring that your furniture will look as good five years from now as the day you bought it.

The construction of their stainless steel line is just as impressive as their teak line.  Each joint is made with a 360 degree weld that covers the entire joint.  This is much stronger than simple spot welding.  The welds are then ground down to such incredible smoothness that it appears as if it were made from one piece of steel.

The warranty on Kingsley Bate stainless steel furniture is 3 years for either residential or commercial use.

Kingsley Bate All-Weather Wicker Furniture – Comfortable and Classy


Kingsley Bate Culebra Wicker Bench

Kingsley Bate Culebra Wicker Bench

Kingsley Bate’s wicker furniture starts with an aluminum frame that is designed to hold up in the outdoor environment without corroding.  Next, fade and tear resistant, all-weather wicker is hand-woven around the frame, with attention paid to every minute detail.  Since all components are weather resistant, there’s no need to move this furniture inside every time rain threatens.

The warranty on the Kingsley Bate wicker line of furniture is 3 years, whether used commercially or in your residence.

Recommended by Professionals Everywhere

Kingsley and Bates furniture is consistently listed at a top-selling line in “Casual Living” magazine. It is commonly specified by architects and designers, who only choose the highest in quality and aesthetic appeal.  Kingsley Bates furniture is used worldwide in resorts and hotels, restaurants, colleges and universities, municipalities, embassies, and botanical gardens.  Here is a partial list of satisfied customers:

  • Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club in Orlando
  • Marriott Courtyard in Miami Beach
  • Pala Mesa Resort in California
  • Ritz Carlton in both Orlando and Aspen Highlands, CO
  • The Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia
  • Longhorn Steakhouses
  • Dartmouth College
  • MIT
  • Penn State
  • Princeton
  • Biltmore Estates
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • US Naval Observatory
  • Universal Studios in Orlando
  • Colonial Williamsburg
  • Longwood Gardens
  • and the US Embassy in Nigeria

With so many satisfied commercial customers, where the furniture gets a lot more use and abuse than it would at your house, you can be certain you’ll be more than pleased with your purchase of Kingsley Bate furniture for many years to come.

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