Old Adirondack Company

I regret to say that in May of 2011, the Old Adirondack Company has ceased making furniture. Although the company has ceased operations, many of their fine cedar pieces are still available through distributors online.

The Old Adirondack Company produces some of the most beautiful, rustic styles, ready to assemble furniture found. History of the Adirondack dates back to the 1800s when the wealthy would travel there during the hot summers from New York and other surrounding metropolitan cities. Traveling to the mountains people could escape the heat and enjoy the beauty of the mountains and water. Their furniture is a reflection of the area’s history and people who lived there year round.

Their furniture is handcrafted by craftsmen who have learned to continue the traditions of the past. They used what was available to them to create ageless furniture that was comfortable and would last. This furniture is a reflection of their history and is built with pride. The benches like all of their furniture are built to last for years of great service.

All of their furniture is crafted from native white cedar that is from the area in which they live. New York State’s Adirondack Mountains are some of the most beautiful mountains that we have in the United States. Loving their home and wanting to preserve the area for future generations these craftsmen understand the need to protect their area. They are an environmentally conscious company that works toward preservation without over harvesting of timber used in their products.

Rustic Outdoor Furniture

The rustic look and feel of their outdoor furniture is built to withstand the environmental elements in their seasonal changes. The native white cedar that is used for the construction of their benches and other furniture naturally ages with time to a warm soft gray color. It gives you a sense of history and ageless beauty. Cushions can be added for extra comfort and style without changing the sense or feel of the rustic look. This is especially true when using patchwork quilt patterns.

Their furniture comes ready to assemble. This actually saves money and was the reason that it continues to be a part of this company. Historically young couples who could not afford to spend on high end furniture knew that they could purchase this furniture and have pieces that would withstand the rigors of their lifestyles. Their entire ready to assemble furniture line comes with easy to follow directions and diagrams that will assist you in putting it together. It also gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment that you have completed a project for your home or garden.

Go ahead and purchase one of their great pieces of ready to assemble furniture now. You will find yourself wanting many more pieces to compliment the one that you have. You aren’t purchasing furniture that is built through automation but a piece of history that is handcrafted. You and your family will enjoy years of use from these pieces

Take a look at all that the Old Adirondack Company has to offer you in garden benches and other furniture. You will be amazed at just how wonderful these truly handcrafted pieces will enhance your home or garden.

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