Oxford Garden Design

Oxford Garden Design has specialized in shorea wood furniture since 1997. Their goal was to provide affordable commercial grade patio and garden furniture. Their furniture is designed for durability and quality that consumers are looking for in today’s markets. To give an edge to their furniture design and for superior strength, mortise and tenon joinery is used in the construction of their furniture lines. Their design strategy is to build furniture that doesn’t go out of style. This assures the consumer that the furniture designed and manufactured by this company will last them for many great years.

Your probably asking what is shorea wood. It is an ancient wood from such countries as Indonesia, Malaysia, and even some from the Philippines. It is a dense tropical hardwood that can be compared to teak. Some of the characteristics are its resistance to bug infestation and rot. This is what gives it superior quality when used for outdoor furniture. All of their garden furniture is built of 100% shorea wood.

The color of the shorea wood used in their furniture is a golden tone and is finished naturally to let the beauty of the natural wood shine through. If untreated then the garden furniture will turn a gorgeous silvery gray color. For anyone that wants to maintain the original color they will have to treat the furniture once a year with teak oil. Then the furniture will maintain its golden brown hue.

Old World Charm

One of the most wonderful aspects to their line of garden furniture is its old world charm. It is reminiscent of days gone by, of unhurried lifestyles. There is a hint of romance that only comes from a warm and inviting piece of garden furniture. This furniture will give you a sense of peace and relaxation.

Benches in a garden, sun room or patio can be grouped together in an arrangement that is inviting and warm. Your family will find themselves drawn to the area where you decide to place the furniture. If it is on a patio or sun room adding greenery and an old worn pot with a flowering plant in it will enhance the feeling of being out in a garden. Plants speak to us in special ways that help us to feel better about our world. Add the shorea wood garden furniture and you will have created the perfect haven to go while leaving all your worries behind.

Adding the right furniture whether it is just a garden bench or a full seating area of this line of furniture will draw you to it as well as your guest. Buy a garden bench today and plan for time that you can spend just relaxing and enjoying the peace and harmony in the place you put it. Take a look at all the charming patio and garden furniture that Oxford Garden Design has now. It will have you planning on a good book and a cup of tea that you will have while enjoying your new garden furniture.

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