Prepac Manufacturing

Prepac Manufacturing was first started in 1979. Their product lines are home furnishings and storage solutions for the home. Their goal is to produce quality ready to assemble furniture at a price that fit consumer budgets. Their main manufacturing facility is located in the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada. They are a state-of-art manufacturing facility that designs, engineers, builds, test and package all their products in-house.

They are an environmentally friendly company. They understand the impact that occurs to our environment when not practicing environmental controls. Protecting the environment for the future of ourselves and our children is part of their mission. That is why their ready to assemble product are made from of combination of what is known as engineered woods.

Engineered wood is one of the ways that they decrease the impact on forest. It is a mixture of quality hard and soft wood materials that have been obtained from the surplus of lumber processing facilities. These materials are then bonded together. This is accomplished using a synthetic resin, high heat and pressure to form and environmentally friendly product. They end up with a dense strong panel that is then laminated with a durable and attractive finish.

Storage Benches

Benches for storage are one of the home furniture product lines that they have. All homes can use extra storage space. Their benches are decorative and functional at a price that is affordable. These can be used in any room of your home, dorm, office or any space that needs a decorative touch and storage. It is wonderful to have a place that you can put all those odds and ends that we collect into. Most families will have one or two members that seem to collect more than others. After a while they can clean their storage out so that they can add more.

For some odd reason we have an inherent desire to collect stuff that we don’t feel that we can get rid of for one reason or another. Creating a storage space just for these types of things is wonderful. With a lot of the benches you can add baskets that pull in and out to make putting things away much easier. These baskets add color and texture to the wonderful storage space. Benches that have cubby holes are also great for kids. All of your children can have their own storage space that they can keep their special items in.

Practicing environmentally techniques in building products for our home is a large part of what this company is about. Purchase one of their products and be assured that you can contact this company for any questions that you may have. They are consumer friendly and want people to know that they care about their products as well as pleasing them.

Take a look at all the benches and home furnishing that Prepac Manufacture has to offer now. You will find the perfect piece that will fit your needs and fit the décor in your home.

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