Lyon Plastic Laminate Locker Room Bench on Steel Pedestals

Just because women choose to be athletic, doesn’t in any way mean that they should be required to give up style in their locker rooms. Yes, women sweat as hard as men, can give a man a run for his money on the basketball court, playing fast-pitch softball and in a spin class, but she shouldn’t have to necessarily be surrounded by drab and rugged when getting ready to compete. This is why the Lyon Plastic Laminate Locker Room Bench on Steel Pedestals is such a big hit in high school gyms and work out facilities alike who cater to women.

Lyon Plastic Laminate Locker Room Bench

Lyon Plastic Laminate Locker Room Bench

Indeed there are always going to be exceptions to every rule. Not all men are oblivious to an otherwise utilitarian locker room, just as not all women want a decorative one. But generalities exist for a reason and with that in mind, more women are likely to be drawn to the Wedgwood blue, the putty or dove gray benches in this plastic laminate locker room series of benches than will men. Although there will unlikely be hearts and flowers adorning the women’s locker room for the high school basketball or softball team, seeing pretty and functional benches is not much of a stretch to the imagination.   The Lyon laminate benches are both elegant and sturdy and can dish out whatever punishment your players have for it.

Imagine being able to finally get rid of those old benches that have long since served their usefulness. As the coach of the high school softball or basketball team, you had been promising them new benches for many seasons, but it just wasn’t in the budget, was it? But seeing the price of the Lyon Plastic Laminate Locker Room Bench on Steel Pedestals, both the 6-foot and the 10-foot versions, you told yourself this was the season you were going to upgrade to something nicer. Your team earned it with three championship rings and a few of your girls got scholarships to excellent athletic schools. With a little notoriety for the school as a result, came a few extra dollars in the budget. What a treat this will be. New locker room benches in Wedgwood blue might just be the thing to brighten their day!

Finally, a Sturdy Bench That Doesn’t Look Like a Hand-Me Down From the Boys’ Team

If it has been on your mind for some time now to upgrade those old rickety benches in the locker room for your girls who give you all they’ve got in practice and play their hearts out every chance they get, go ahead and indulge yourself. As you look around the room and see benches that were donated from the boys’ locker room after they got new ones, you are no doubt saying to yourself that the time has come to do something better for your girls.  And for less expensive than you might believe, you can give the girls what they want. After all, they’ve never complained and continue giving you all they have to make you the proud coach you are. It’s time to return the favor.

The dimensions for the 6-foot locker room bench with 2 pedestals are 18″ H x 72″ W x 12″ D and the 10-foot bench with 3 pedestals measures 18″ H x 120″ W x 12″ D. Made from plastic laminate, these benches are not only as pretty as can be, they’re also “tougher than nails”. They may look like beauty queens, but underneath their pretty façade, they’re rugged. After all, the pedestals are made of steel.

If new benches are finally in the cards for your school’s locker room, buying the Lyon Plastic Laminate Locker Room Bench on Steel Pedestals will be the first in a series of many home runs your team scores this year!

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