Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Round Table with Two Chairs

There’s something so intimate about eating meals on a round table. The person at the opposite end is close enough to touch and the shape brings the plates and glasses together in a way that a square or rectangular table just can’t accomplish. If you’ve been searching for a table that looks fabulous and allows you to gently caress your sweetie, this is the one! The Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Round Table with Two Chairs is most certain to be responsible for a lot of hand holding during your dinner or as you drink your favorite Zinfandel under a blanket of romantic stars. The table, while appearing to be rather plain, you’ll come to see as the epitome of elegance in its simplicity.

Even if you already own a formal outside dinette table, this cedar table set is not meant to replace it. Rather it’s meant to be brought to that secluded spot at the edge of your property so you can enjoy the company of the most special person in your life. On those warm summer nights as the sun is setting along the horizon, what you thought was an ordinary chicken Alfredo will turn into the best Italian dinner your spouse has ever made. If you don’t believe in the powers of the Blue Mountain Table and Chairs, you are just going to have bring it home and try it out for yourself.

Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Round Table With Chairs

Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Round Table With Chairs

As if the table weren’t spectacular enough, add in the chairs, which are as comfortable as they are stylish, and you’ve got the perfect combination. Combining all the style of the most popular Old Adirondack chairs with enough height to complement the table and you’ve got yourself a very pleasant meal ahead of you. As with all in the Old Adirondack line, craftsmanship and quality go into each slat of wood used to make the seat and the back of the chairs. The contoured seating allows you to lean into the chair, rather than sit straight up and be unable to enjoy yourself. The armrests are as comfy as they look, so when you’re not eating, you can actually lay your arms on them.

Quality, Style, Comfort and Affordability, You Can Have it All

It doesn’t happen every day that you come across something that just makes you say, “I’ll take it!” the moment you see it. But that’s what happens when people see the Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Round Table with Two Chairs. In fact, part of what’s so surprising about this set is the price. It’s almost too good to be true that you can find everything you want in the furniture you love and at a price you can easily afford.

The dimensions of the table are 31-38″ H x 21-48″ W x 22-48″ D. Cedar is naturally a pale tan or light gold, which over time will weather to a silver gray patina. If you want to stain or paint your Blue Mountain Round Table and Chairs, this will retard the process. Some assembly is required, however, it’s minimal and there are easy-to-follow instructions. If you’re tired of tables that wobble, this one’s not going anywhere. The “cross” ¾ of the way down the legs is not just for show. It ensures that the legs aren’t just adjoined to the table but to one another.

If you are looking for something to put the capital R back into romance, this round table and chairs will do its part. Add a few candles, colorful placemats and a setting sun and just watch the fireworks begin!

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