Old Adirondack Tahawus Square Coffee Table

Have you noticed that when you shop for patio furniture, they tend to be the same style; four chairs, usually made of aluminum, surrounding a square table, also of aluminum with a glass center? This would be fine, but for the fact that not everyone likes a formal dining set outside, nor does everyone love metal. Many prefer a more casual style, similar to what you might find in your own living room. Look no further. If you love casual dining outside, the Old Adirondack Tahawus Square Coffee Table is the coffee table designed for your backyard.

This table is so ideal that it will fit with any décor of wood patio furniture. If you are familiar with the Old Adirondack line of furniture, this table’s design may look familiar to you. The same craftsmanship that goes into making this table, is one you’ll see in many of their chairs and benches. They provide not only a touch of elegance, but also strength throughout. Indeed, the slats of wood on top of the table, while appearing to be stylish, are also sturdy and functional. No food is going to slip between the cracks and they’re securely fastened together to make certain that you’ll be eating off this table for years and years to come. In between the legs, the dowels that offer the trademark Adirondack design are not just pretty, but they also ensure that your cedar coffee table, despite its light weight, will not wobble.

Old Adirondack Tahawus Sqare Table

Old Adirondack Tahawus Sqare Table

Whether you have a set of chairs already or you are still in search of some, rest assured, your outdoor coffee table will fit with any décor. Perhaps you have lawn style wood chairs, or ones that are a slightly ornate or some that are somewhat formal, this table will compliment any set you have or are considering buying. There are no intricate embellishments to worry about that can potentially clash with whatever you’ve chosen.

It’s the Square Table that’s Definitely Not Square

There is nothing boring or square about the Old Adirondack Tahawus Square Coffee Table. Even your teenagers will be happy to invite their friends over for Dad’s barbecue or games of scrabble or just to hang around and shoot the breeze. In fact, don’t be surprised to hear them calling it, “cool”.

The dimensions of the Tahawus Square Coffee Table are 19″ H x 36″ W x 36″ D and it weighs 37 pounds. Made of cedar, your coffee table will fit in any climate, be it arid or humid or even tropical. Cedar loses moisture slowly, which means in time, you’ll notice fewer cracks than you would with oak or pine. Naturally cedar is a pale tan or light gold. In a year’s time, this will weather to a silver gray patina. Staining or painting will not help match it with your chairs, it will also retard this natural process. Some assembly is required, however it’s minimal and there are instructions included. If seeing the “Made in the USA” logo is important to you, take comfort in knowing that your table is handcrafted in upstate New York. As such, quality is guaranteed.

If you have been hunting for THE perfect outdoor coffee table and have had difficulty finding one that matches your personality and the furniture you like, from the moment you assemble the Old Adirondack Tahawus Square Coffee Table, you’ll be so pleased with yourself that you made the purchase. And with a price that’s as good as this, years from now when you’re still eating off of it, you’ll be shocked at how little you paid for it.

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