Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Cherry Finish

Now that Old Man Winter is just days away (indeed some regions have already seen their first snowfalls), you are likely considering ways to minimize the heap of cold weather clothes that have cluttered your front entrance in years’ past. Whether you have a mudroom or not, devising a system that encourages your family to streamline the adding and removing of their boots, coats and hats is no doubt your goal this year. Surely, you reason with yourself, this involves purchasing either a costly armoire, or at least two different items: a coat rack (or at minimum several sturdy hooks), and a bench to sit on to remove boots and snow pants. Ideally this bench opens to store mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, etc. Equally ideal, your grand total wouldn’t prevent you from enjoying the upcoming holidays. And it would be great if this ‘wonder thing’ were pretty and not an eye sore. What your family needs is simple: It’s called the Full Storage Bench with Cherry Finish.

Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Cherry Finish

Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Cherry Finish

Although you might already be sold on the Cherry Storage Bench, as the tag line in numerous infomercials goes, “But wait, there’s more!” Who wouldn’t fall in love with the solution they’ve been seeking for several years? After all, in most homes there is at least one family member who is just innately a slob. When you think back, how many times have you found yourself pleading with that one person to stop coming home, ripping off his or her layers and just throwing them into a pile by the front door? Perhaps you even considered bribing him or her. Forget all that!

Finally! A company that understands what a busy family needs and who isn’t afraid to make something that is an otherwise functional piece of furniture into one that is nothing short of beautiful. Equipped with four hooks, each member can get his or her coats off the floor and hung up. The flip top seat opens up to reveal a foot and a half deep storage chest that your family will have a hard time filling up. Between the clothes hooks and the seat is more than ample room for even the tallest member of your family to put on shoes or boots and not get tangled up in the hanging coats.

If the Function Doesn’t Grab You, Its Elegance Will

Apart from all of the practical reasons to buy the Home Styles Storage Bench, add to them the “Wow” factor. What both visitors to your home and your family will see when they walk through the front door is a stunning addition to your home. No, this is no ordinary utilitarian piece. This combination bench can stand up against your most elegant pieces and look as if they were purchased together. Whether your taste is Italian contemporary, Asian inspired or Early American, your new bench will fit in with any décor.

With dimensions of 64” H x 40.5” W x 18” D, the Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Cherry Finish is large enough to accommodate a busy family, yet small enough not to be an obtrusive piece in your entryway. Made of solid hardwood, don’t let its beauty fool you, either. Weighing 90 pounds, although quite stylish, this is no flimsy piece that will buckle under the weight of years of continuous use. Easy to follow instructions, complete with illustrations, will make assembly even for the most technically challenged person a breeze.

The next time your son or daughter or spouse throws his or her coat on the floor or leaves his or her boots strewn across the front door, instead of crying, pleading, bribing or arguing, there’s a much easier solution. For far less expensive than something with these attributes ought to cost, in less than a week you will have solved the problem for good.

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