Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 5 Drawer Slenderline Cabinet

Equally at home in your personal workshop as it is in an industrial machine shop is the Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 5 Drawer Slenderline Cabinet. This is the ultimate bench for anybody who does serious machinery and needs a multipurpose workstation with a sturdy top and several drawers. But do not assume its attributes stop there; the Lyon Modular is just getting warmed up.

Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation With 5 Drawer Slenderline Cabinet

Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation With 5 Drawer Slenderline Cabinet

Standing 35 inches high, it is an ideal height to allow your forearms to fall loosely about your waist as you work, and won’t require your arms and shoulders to contort in some non-ergonomic manner. This bench offers five drawers that range in height from three inches to 5 7/8 inches. The first drawer consists of 32 compartments for all your smaller items, such as nuts, bolts, wing nuts and those plastic anchors that manage to either end up on the floor or lost when you need them most. The second has 24 compartments for slightly larger items, such as screws and nails. The bottom three drawers offer you 16 compartments for even larger items, such as varying sizes of drill bits or Allen wrenches. Slap a vice on this bench and you’ll never want for anything else in a workstation. You can expect nothing less than the Slenderline to be the workhorse you need to build just about anything.

Whether you are working with steel, wood or plastic, or you are building something made from concrete, this bench can take whatever you dish out.  The Lyon Modular comes standard with a 12-gauge steel top. If for some reason you feel this isn’t sufficient for whatever you are working on, for a little extra money, you can reinforce with a practically kryptonite top with plastic laminate, something called a super composition top or laminated hardwood. Rest assured if you opt for the steel top, this is not for the person who dabbles in hobbies or who hammers an occasional nail into a tiny piece of wood.

All That Power and Color Coordinated to Boot!

As if it weren’t enough to buy a bench that is as functional as it is rock-solid, the Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 5 Drawer Slenderline Cabinet offers drawers and cabinets in six colors. Finally, a manufacturer who understands that even the most industrial of environments may demand color coordination! After all, not all machinists forgo color and style in his or her workshop. You too can have your 5-drawer workstation match any décor you have already established. Choose from any of the following colors for your Lyon Slenderline:

  • Black
  • Cardinal Red
  • Dove Gray
  • Forest Green
  • Putty
  • Wedgwood Blue

The dimensions of your Lyon Modular Drawer Work Bench with 5 Drawer Cabinet are 35.5″ H x 60″ W x 28″ D and it weighs just shy of 395 pounds. As you might have guessed, because of its size, your workstation will arrive via truck delivery. Lyon Workspace Products, located in Calgary, Alberta, is the largest maker of industrial and workspace products and has been in business since 1901. As such, quality need never be a concern.

For any serious machinist, whether in an industrial environment or in his or her home, buying anything short of the Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 5 Drawer Slenderline Cabinet is similar to expecting a 2-door economy car, efficient as it may be, to haul around a tractor trailer.

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