Lyon Work Bench with Stringer and Shelf

Fewer things are more frustrating than having a workbench that is flimsy and doesn’t support whatever it is that you are working on. Whether the object you’re creating, shaping, cutting or otherwise manipulating, is made of metal, wood or plastic, having something underneath that you can rely on is paramount. No longer will you have this problem when you start using the Lyon Work Bench with Stringer and Shelf. It stands securely in place so you can saw, nail, mold or do whatever you need to do in your workshop.

Lyon Workbench with Stringer and Shelf

Lyon Workbench with Stringer and Shelf

If you have ever started sawing a piece of wood and had the bench under it shake, even if only a little, not only can you end up creating a crooked line, but it can also be dangerous. The unsteadiness can cause you to skip a beat as you’re sawing. At the very minimum, you’ve now got two very uneven halves of wood. If you are fortunate, that’s all that has occurred. Using a wobbly or otherwise unsteady workbench can cost you a finger or a deep slice into your hand.

First and foremost, the Lyon Workbench is made from steel, top to bottom and throughout. Steel legs are securely welded together using steel crossbars. The nearly 200-pound bench comes standard with 12-gauge steel, which on its own, is not for the faint of heart. If, however you want a little added Kryptonite, you may want to choose from any one of the following tops for added reinforcement:

  • Tempered Pressed Wood Over Steel
  • Tempered Pressed Wood Over Wood
  • Laminated Hardwood
  • Plastic Laminate
  • Super Comp Top
  • Laminated Hardwood with Comfort Edge

Finally a Workbench That Understands What Work Is

If you have ever gotten to a point of considering making your own bench because everything you’ve seen is either suitable for your 5-year old son or it’s far too expensive to afford, once you bring home the Lyon Work Bench, you will never have to entertain that thought again. Putting “Work” back into workbench, this steel piece of furniture can take whatever you dish its way. From the first time to the 100th time you use it, you’ll never need worry about the outcome of what you’re making or the safety of your limbs again. Clip a vice onto the front and unlike the workbench in your neighbor’s yard, this one won’t fall over once you put something in the vice.

Anyone who buys well-made tools should be familiar with the name Lyon. For more than 100 years, Lyon Workspace Products has been manufacturing quality tools, industrial strength workbenches and workspaces for companies and individuals alike. If “Made in the USA” is important for you, Lyon is located in Montgomery, Illinois. The overall dimensions of your workbench are 72″ W x 34″ D 34″ H x 72″ W x 34″ D. However, for added height, should you need it, for a nominal fee, you can add either adjustable legs or adjustable sliding legs to your order.

Now that you have been united with the Lyon Work Bench with Stringer and Shelf, and are confident that it can be the workhorse you need in your place of business or home workshop, the only question you need to ask yourself is, do you want it in dove gray or putty?

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