Home Styles Black Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench

One of the things we prize most in life is reliability. We want the people in our lives to be reliable, of course, and we try to be reliable in our dealings with others. We also want our things to be reliable – we want our cars or our appliances to work, and we want to know exactly where our important stuff is when we need it the most. What characterizes “important stuff” varies from person to person; but good convenient storage space is one of those overlooked items that we need in order to guarantee we can find our stuff when we go looking for it. The Home Styles Black Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench is one very nifty item that can definitely help you solve this problem.

Home Styles Black Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench

Home Styles Black Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench

Constructed from solid hardwood with a glossy black finish, this mini storage bench would be perfect for the entryway of your home. Its diverse storage options provide hooks for jackets or purses; interior storage for gloves, boots, shoes and scarves; and a bench top for the items you need to take with you when you leave in the morning. Versatile and intelligently designed, this storage bench and hall tree are decorated with a striking checkerboard pattern that gives this unit an old-style, almost antique-ish look. More than just functional, this all-inclusive unit is a rather elegant and attractive piece of furniture that will help beautify your home regardless of where you ultimately decide to place it.

The Black Hall Tree and Storage Bench are yet another terrifically crafted example in the Home Styles line, brought to you by the fine furniture makers at DMI. All the items in this innovative and popular line are notable for their construction standards and their attractiveness, as DMI has used only the best and the brightest from among its stable of designers and furniture artists to help bring the Home Styles brand name into being.

Reach, Grab, and Go!

When the time comes to leave for work in the morning, or to head off for an important meeting or appointment, the last thing you want to do is waste a lot of time looking for your shoes, handbag, overcoat, or umbrella; time is precious, people are waiting and you want to get moving. Most of all, you want to be reliable – and the reliable Black Hall Tree and Storage Bench is exactly what you need to help you stay on schedule. This is a fantastically reliable storage unit that fits right inside your doorway. It is always at the ready holding your most often worn clothes. Quite honestly, are there many things that you can name that offer this much reliability?

This exciting Home Styles entry comes in overall dimensions of 62.25″ H x 25″ W x 18.5″ D. It features three convenient storage hooks and a roomy lift-up storage compartment, with areas on top and beneath providing even more valuable space. It does require some assembly after arrival, but this can be accomplished quickly and easily.

When you think about it, the stuff of which reliability is made is the most important stuff of all.  The Home Styles Black Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench will help you stay reliable by being reliable, and that is the most important thing you can ask out of any piece of furniture – especially one that is supposed to be as beautiful as it is functional.

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