Home Styles Cabana Banana Chair, Ottoman, and Loveseat in Honey

Beautiful tropical settings are a wonderful alternative to the same old ordinary daily reality. Not that we don’t love our realities; they are what we have chosen, and they are where we ultimately want to be. Nevertheless, the desire to spice things up a little is normal, natural and entirely worth indulging. So imagine, if you will, that you have discovered your own deserted tropical island somewhere, and you are looking to set up a living space that will be the epitome of comfort and casual luxury.  The total picture you create in your mind may be a fantasy, but still – wouldn’t it be great if you could bring just a little of that alternative reality to your own home? Well, it turns out you can – if you purchase the Home Styles Cabana Banana Chair, Ottoman, and Loveseat in Honey, you can bring a touch of tropical fantasy to your home right now.

Home Styles Cabana Banana Chair Ottoman & Loveseat in Honey

Home Styles Cabana Banana Chair Ottoman & Loveseat in Honey

This fantastic set of wicker chair, ottoman and loveseat are evocative of the best tropical relaxation experience.  Stitched from natural woven banana leaves, the intricately intertwined honey-colored patterns of the furniture frames contrast strikingly with the shining ecru cushion covers, and the overall aspect of this set will lower the pulse rate and create the irresistible urge to take off your shoes and plop down with your feet up as soon as you enter the room.

DMI is responsible for the Home Styles line, which is marked by meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.  The Home Styles Cabana Banana Chair, Ottoman, and Loveseat in Honey is a standout example of the excellent work DMI has become known for, and everyone who sees this set in your home will compliment you on your discriminating eye and exquisite taste.

Look boss…the plane, the plane!

Who would have ever guessed that these three pieces, simple yet elegant as they are, would have the power to transport you to faraway shores? And yet, this is what they can do, for you, your family, treasured guests and friends. And to really get into the spirit of things, you could always throw a tropical theme party to celebrate your new furniture purchase; or, you could have a family night where you rent some movies set in tropical locations for an evening of exotic fun. If you have purchased this fantastic set, you are obviously someone with vision and imagination, so you could probably think of many other activities that would perfectly complement the new tropical aura you have created in your living room or den. It is your fantasy island space – do with it what you will!

Some of the specifics:  the chair dimensions are 31.75” H x 36” W x 29.75” D, while the ottoman checks in at 20.5” H x 32” W x 22” D and the loveseat rounds out the set at 31.75” H x 53.75” W x 36” D. The set comes unassembled in seven UPS cartons, but the assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow. Home Styles is manufactured from 100% sustainably produced and harvested materials, so your purchase of this divine furniture set will put you in harmony with the best in environmental standards and practices.

Perhaps no one will ever mistake you for Ricardo Montalban, even if you choose to greet guests entering your home wearing a white suit and matching pants. However, when those visitors first catch sight of your newly-purchased Home Styles Cabana Banana Chair, Ottoman, and Loveseat in Honey, they may truly believe, for just a moment, that they have actually departed from normal reality and landed on Fantasy Island!

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