Home Styles Cabana Banana Set in Cocoa

As you weigh your furniture options carefully, several considerations come to mind.  Among them, where you live but as well, “if I could have exactly what I want, I would get…” Where you live, whether it is the Northeast, Southeast, Mid-West, Pacific Northwest or some other region in the country, happens to be diametrically opposed to what you might buy if only you lived in the tropics. When you plan your vacations, most, if not all, have you soaking up the sun, wriggling your toes in the white sand, looking out over the bluest of waters and relaxing in a hammock in the Caribbean. If you have often caught yourself romanticizing the notion of buying property on one of your favorite tropical islands, you already know that you are hooked on the lifestyle and climate. Why fight it? Until you are ready to move to the location you’ve long dreamed of, bring the islands to you with the Home Styles Cabana Banana Set in Cocoa.

Home Styles Cabana Banana Set in Cocoa

Home Styles Cabana Banana Set in Cocoa

This eco-friendly set offers you a chair, an ottoman, loveseat and end table for your living room (or family room) or if you prefer, your covered patio. Contrasting the slightly formal look of the cocoa wicker are ecru colored cushions whose coziness will be reminiscent of drifting off to the sounds of the all too familiar tranquil ocean waters. Whether you are reclining on the loveseat or have fallen asleep with your arms resting comfortably on the curved armrests of the wicker chair, your mind, body and spirit will awaken refreshed.

DMI has gone to great lengths to ensure not only your comfort but that their line of furnishings is environmentally conscious as well. The frames of the Home Styles Cabana Banana in Cocoa are made using hand woven banana leaves, which of course grow in abundance in the tropics. The cushions consist of 100% sustainable natural materials, and neither the frames nor the cushions are treated with harmful chemicals.

There Is Always the, “Why Be Like Everyone Else?” Factor

With your love of the Caribbean, it’s no wonder your lifestyle might be influenced by what is commonly referred to in the islands as either mañana tiempo or island time (depending on the language spoken where you tend to frequent). Never one to conform, your taste tends to run more casual and less traditional than that of your relatives and friends. A cabana set made from wicker allows you to feel as though you’re on vacation until you can make plans to get back to the island you love.

The dimensions of each piece are as follows:

  • Chair – 31.75” H x 36” W x 29.75” D
  • Ottoman – 20.5” H x 32” W x 22” D
  • Loveseat – 31.75” H x 53.75” W x 36” D
  • End table – 20” H x 24” W x 24” D

Given their overall sizes, your shipment will arrive in 8 UPS boxes and will require a little assembly. It is important to note that while your villa-style furniture is quite sturdy, it should remain indoors away from the elements, in particular rain and snow. If you have a covered patio, this or your living room is ideal.

If you long to be in the islands year round, every time you lounge in your Home Styles Cabana Banana in Cocoa, don’t be surprised to smell the ocean out your window. And you will swear that you can hear that faint yet familiar sound of a refreshing breeze against a palm tree.

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