Home Styles Cottage Oak Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench

It is a cliché that we so often hear: one’s home is one’s castle. And whether that castle is spacious and modern, or cozy and rustic, most of us would agree that clutter and untidiness are to be avoided. Perhaps this scenario describes one that plays itself out in your home every day. As you put your key in the door each night, you continually hope that today is the day you will come home and your teenagers’ coats, hats and athletic gear won’t litter the floor. However, despite all your pleading, once again a trail makes its way from the front door to their rooms. Instead of calling your kids’ names to retrieve their clothes off the foyer floor (or indulging your fantasy of running off to find another family to live with), determined not to let this ruin your evening, you quickly wonder if there is another solution you have yet to consider. That is where the Home Styles Cottage Oak Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench comes in.

Home Styles Mini Hall Tree in Cottage Oak

Home Styles Mini Hall Tree in Cottage Oak

By now you are thinking to yourself, “How can this help me? I already have a hall closet.” While you may have one that you repeatedly beg your kids to use for all their outerwear, these requests seem to fall on deaf ears, don’t they? Upon closer examination you realize that the closest is just far enough away that it is not enticing enough for your teenagers. As the saying goes, “Out of sight is out of mind.” That is when it dawns on you that the only solution is to put something right next to the front door. Serving both as a hall tree and a storage bench, this all in one may be the thing to restore peace in your home again.

The Home Styles Cottage Oak Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench features solid oak construction, which makes it not only sturdy but also elegant. Three hooks across the top offer a convenient way to get coats off the floor for good. Between the hooks and the bench there is more than ample room so that the coat or jacket of even the tallest member of your family won’t bunch. And where most hall trees’ usefulness ends, this bench is just getting warmed up. The bottom of the hall tree features a deep storage space, suitable for hats, mittens, cleats or whatever else previously found its way to the floor. When the flip-top lid is shut, it doubles as a cozy place to sit and put on boots, shoes or sneakers.

Restoring Sanity in Your Home, One Article of Clothing at a Time

Rather than have that discussion one more time with your family, you know the one that leaves you frustrated and growling at them, try something else. One day buy this mini hall tree and set it up by your front entrance. Just watch what happens. At first they may notice it, even remark on its attractiveness. They may even call it, “Cool!” Be prepared that it may not get used immediately. A week may go by and then as your daughter passes it one day, she notices one of the shiny hooks. She hangs up her coat that only moments ago lay on the floor in front of it.

With dimensions of 62.25″ H x 25″ W x 18.5″ D, this delightful oak hall tree and storage bench serves its purpose without dwarfing other pieces in your home. Clean and simple lines means it fits well with any décor, be it modern, classic or antique. Although assembly is required, it is minimal and in no time your new hall tree can be introduced to your family with as little fanfare as possible.

The next time you find yourself at a loss for words because you are tired of yelling at your kids for littering the floor with their clothes, try a different tactic. Adding the Home Styles Cottage Oak Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench will not only restore your sanity, but it will also give you back the keys to your castle.

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