Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Oak Finish

Whether your kids are 8 or 15, haven’t you been after them every day of their lives to stop using the floor as a coat rack? Although you had high hopes that this habit would stop when they got older, hoping maturity could reason with them even if you couldn’t, nothing happened, did it? The only ‘change’ you noticed is that the mess by the front door got worse as they began encouraging their friends to do the same. Indeed, in particular in your son’s bedroom, it’s often difficult to tell the difference between the clean clothes and those that should be tossed into the hamper. Before you run off to the funny farm because you’ve lost your mind trying to reason with a teenager, why not get him or her the Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Oak Finish?

Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Oak Finish

Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Oak Finish

Given that your teenagers have difficulty hearing you – let’s face it, most of them suffer sudden onset deafness once they turn 13 – stop shouting and try a different tactic. Although you could place the Home Styles Oak Storage Bench by the front door, this doesn’t solve the many Mount Vesuvius-sized piles in your son’s room, does it? Two expressions apply here: “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and “Pick your battles”.

Perhaps don’t discuss the idea with him, given his inability to ‘hear’ anyone above the age of 30. Buy it, your husband and you can assemble it and while your son is at school, just move the combo bench and storage into his room. Agree one final time to pick up his clothes. Separate the ones that are ‘ripe’ and need washing from those that should be hung up and that which can be stored under the full lift top storage and surprise your son when he comes home.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Albeit there are no guarantees in life, chances are good you will see a transformation. Maybe the whole cleaning up after himself idea didn’t take hold the first day or even the first week. But something will change in him. As he’s about to toss his favorite team’s baseball hat onto the floor, he looks up and sees those shiny brass hooks staring at him and he does his perfect Michael Jordon impression. Landing seamlessly on the hook, he then takes the slacks he just changed out of and before he puts on the sweat pants that are, of course, on the floor, he walks over to the rack and hangs them up. Suddenly a trend is starting and much to his own surprise, your son walks out to the foyer and picks up his coat from the floor and carefully hangs it on his Oak Hall Storage Bench and Coat Rack.

The dimensions of your son’s new found love are 64” H x 40.5” W x 18”D and it weighs 90 pounds. As with anything you relegate to his room, this piece not only has to be practical but prove itself to be sufficiently sturdy to live in his room. Made of solid hardwood, with a lacquered oak finish, expect that even the most careless member of your family will be unable to ding it.

While you’ve already reasoned with yourself that good things come to those who wait, whether because your kids mature – albeit slowly – or because you helped inch things along, stop tearing your hair out. Instead of screaming to someone who can’t ‘hear’ you, even the most die-hard slob can’t resist the power of the Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Oak Finish.

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