Home Styles Homestead Hall Tree and Storage Bench in Warm Cottage Oak

When you are decorating the interior of your home, there is one important principle you must always keep in mind – everything matters. A beautiful home is not just beautiful in the living room, dining room and the bedrooms. What you want is to bring a sense of style and class to every nook and corner, this is the only way you can truly create the kind of marvelous living environment that you deserve. Hallways are a part of your home that could easily be neglected. This is especially unfortunate when it comes to the hallway near the house’s entrance, which is the first thing you see when you come home each day. If this important space in your home has not received the loving attention it deserves, then an excellent way to begin addressing this is by adding the Home Styles Homestead Hall Tree and Storage Bench in Warm Cottage Oak.

Home Styles Homestead Hall Tree & Storage Bench in Cottage Oak

Home Styles Homestead Hall Tree & Storage Bench in Cottage Oak

One look at this classically elegant Home Styles Hall Tree and Storage Bench and the above sentence will immediately make sense. This storage ensemble possesses the unique healthy brown luster that only furniture made of wood can provide. The intricate craftsmanship of its crown molding and contoured sides give this piece a timeless look that advertises perpetual efficiency and convenience at the same time its lovely appearance adds classical beauty to your home’s entryway. Four antique brass hooks for hanging, a spacious bench with a stay-open lid, and a sizeable bench top provide plenty of storage potential for all of your daily travel necessities.

This storage bench is a part of DMI’s Home Styles line. This line is specifically crafted for those who are committed to putting time and effort into their interior design choices. DMI understands the needs of this group, and that is why they tasked their finest craftspeople to create furniture pieces that will please those with a precise eye for detail.

Welcome Home!

When you arrive home after a hard day, after you put away your jacket, hang up your umbrella, and kick off your shoes, you would love to receive warm welcome home greetings from your spouse, children and pets. It may seem hard to believe – but if you purchase the Oak Hall Tree and Storage Bench, you will actually know what it is like to feel welcomed home by furniture as well. No, seriously – this gorgeous oak masterpiece radiates warmth as only finely constructed oak furniture can, and it will definitely leave you feeling welcome each time you open the door and immediately see this classically masterful work decorating your entryway.

This storage assemblage measures 64″ H x 40″ W x 18.5″ D, and weighs in at a solidly-built 97 lbs. While arriving unassembled, reconstruction of this hall tree and storage bench is hassle-free and can be rapidly accomplished. This attractive combination piece earns the name Homestead because of its warm, rich aspect, which really does add a touch of class to an area of your home that is so often overlooked.

It is important to emphasize that while your new bench is a nice-looking furniture item, it is also highly functional offering a variety of storage options. So while it is true that you need to pay attention to detail in decorating, you also want to make sure the things you buy help make your home a convenient and comfortable place to live. There is no doubt that this Home Styles Homestead Hall Tree and Storage Bench in Warm Cottage Oak features both great looks, excellent quality and excellent storage capacity – what more could you ask for?

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