Home Styles Lafayette Hall Tree and Storage Bench in Cherry

Classical beauty and elegance never go out of style. In fact, that is why we use the moniker ‘classical’ to describe objects of art, architecture and furniture that have a timeless appeal. Now, when the subject is furniture, the classical look is something we might normally desire for our bedroom, living room or library. The feeling of old-world comfort we derive when we are in the presence of classically-styled furniture is deliciously attractive, and under the right circumstances few would hesitate to add classical elements to their living spaces. But it might be surprising to discover that you can bring this classical look to your entrance hallway or foyer, which would normally be considered mundane spaces. This possibility actually exists, and could be made a reality if you were to acquire the Home Styles Lafayette Hall Tree and Storage Bench in Cherry.

Home Styles Lafayette Hall Tree & Storage Bench in Cherry
Home Styles Lafayette Hall Tree & Storage Bench in Cherry

Manufactured from hardwood and veneers, this hall tree and storage bench features a cherry finish that conveys warmth and comfort. The raised front panel design, crown molding with contoured sides and deep brown coloring evoke images of casual hours spent reading or playing chess beside a roaring fire on a cool evening. Amazing, really, that a storage unit designed to hold your daily traveling items could bring out feelings like this. But this is exactly what classical features like the four antique-style brass hooks on the hall tree section do. These are precisely the kind of associations that will be elicited in the mind of anyone fortunate enough to lay their eyes on this exquisite entranceway furnishing.

The Cherry Hall Tree with Storage Bench is a part of DMI’s Home Styles line, which typifies the stylish, creative craftsmanship that DMI is noted for among denizens of the fine furniture industry. The Lafayette design group represents DMI’s ode to the classical style – and what an impressive tribute it is! For those who want their furniture pieces to have the capacity to stun even the most jaded observer, this epitomizes the total package.

Your Life, Your Home, Your Choice

There is something almost decadent about the Home Styles Lafayette Hall Tree and Storage Bench in Cherry. To have something so perfectly crafted as the first thing anyone sees when they enter your home is certainly a bold statement. But this kind of decadence and boldness is not a privilege that only a few can afford. What may amaze you is that for all its beauty, this classical storage bench is faultlessly functional, convenient and surprisingly affordable.

Your new hall tree and combination bench measures 64″ H x 40″ W x 18.5″ D, and weighs in at a strong and reliable 97 lbs. The unit has a divided storage area in the top section, and the lid features a convenient safety hinge that allows it to be easily maintained in an open position. Some assembly will be required after delivery, but the instructions for doing so are so clear that even the little ones in your family could put this unit together speedily and efficiently.

Contrary to popular opinion, classically beautiful furniture belongs everywhere in your home. Your foyer should be no exception. If you don’t get a second chance at making a first impression, why not make the first thing people see when they enter your home something that exudes class and elegance? For just the perfect first impression, why not allow the Home Styles Lafayette Hall Tree and Storage Bench in Cherry communicate that for you?

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