Home Styles Cherry Mini Hall Tree and Storage Bench

Your home is a place for comfort and relaxation, a place to unwind at the end of a hard day. You also want your home to be attractive and well maintained. It is for people to see you take a sense of pride in the appearance of your personal spaces. But there is something more a good home should provide – something slightly ineffable, but still substantial and important nonetheless.   A home should elevate and uplift your spirit, making you feel complete, at peace and literally at home with its surroundings. With those wants in mind, we are now going to ask you to turn your attention to the Home Styles Cherry Mini Hall Tree and Storage Bench.

Home Styles Cherry Mini Hall Tree

Home Styles Cherry Mini Hall Tree

To create this sense of the ineffable in your living quarters, you need to pay close attention to every nook and cranny, and the mini hall tree with its storage bench would be an outstanding choice for filling one of those oft-overlooked areas. Exquisitely crafted and shining brilliantly in its striking cherry finish, this storage unit brings fantastic appearance while giving you a roomy, convenient place to keep your daily traveling supplies – coats, shoes, umbrella, backpack, heavy sweaters, etc. Featuring a lift-up storage bench, comfortable seating and three convenient curved hanging hooks, this highly-functional storage unit delivers the sublime with its aesthetically-pleasing replicating square design pattern. Place this unique bench in your entrance hallway or just inside your front door, and it will bring a touch of class that never fails to catch the eye of every family member as they leave or arrive home each day.

DMI is responsible for the Home Styles furniture line, and the skill and attention to detail this line has become noted for is blatantly obvious on this amazingly well-done Cherry Hall Tree with Storage Bench. DMI’s talented craftsmen understand that furniture is really a lifestyle choice, not just casual decoration, and they respect and honor the process of furniture selection by creating outstanding options that can only enhance and improve any home space they are chosen to grace.

Denying Yourself the Sublime Would Be Ridiculous

One look is really all you need to see the obvious. The Home Styles Mini Hall Tree and Storage Bench has those ineffable qualities that you are searching for – and then some. This storage unit performs a very utilitarian function, but it does so in a way that will elevate its own particular nook well beyond the ordinary. When you surround yourself with beautiful furnishings like this, you will discover that it gives you peace and comfort of mind that is every bit as fundamental as the peace and comfort a perfect sunny day or romantic starry night can offer.  Perhaps apart from the feeling of knowing how a beautiful piece of furniture can brighten up a room, knowing that tidiness is just moments away is enough to summon a peaceful frame of mind.

Manufactured from rich, dense hardwoods, your new foyer bench measures 62.25″ H x 25″ W x 18.5″ D and weighs in at a solid and sturdy 62 lbs. Functioning as a combination hall bench, storage chest and accessory hanger, this unit features three large storage hooks and a lift up storage compartment with safety hinge.  Some assembly is required; but this work can be accomplished quickly and easily by even the most inexperienced furniture buyer.

This storage unit’s classical window pane design simply oozes class. As for its rich cherry veneer, about this you can be certain – your life can truly become a bowl of cherries if you start filling your living spaces with transcendent furnishings like the Home Styles Mini Hall Tree and Storage Bench from DMI.

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