Home Styles White Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench

Art work can hang on your wall, it can sit on a desk or mantelpiece, or it can have its own featured spot in your living room. Adding art to your home is an excellent way to beautify your surroundings, no one will deny this. But if you are going for a more artistic look in your home, why stop there? Why not let your furnishings themselves also be works of art you put on display for visitors, and most importantly for your own enjoyment and appreciation? It is in this spirit that we propose you take a good long look at the Home Styles White Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench.

Home Styles White Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench

Home Styles White Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench

Your first reaction to this statement is probably something along the lines of “Whoa, hold on – a Storage Bench is a work of art?” The answer to this question is simple – yes, indeed, this furniture piece is a work of art. Superbly crafted, intricately shaped and designed, this all-in-one bench grabs the cultured eye and does not let go with its magnificent shine and geometrically precise collection of square panels and 90-degree angles. A storage unit like this will bring unexpected elegance and class to your foyer or entranceway, and even though is it “just a storage bench”, it really does add an artistic touch to your home in a place where first impressions are often formed.

This White Hall Tree and Storage Bench is another exciting entrance from the Home Styles line, the penultimate achievement of the craftspeople plying their trade on the working floors of the world-renowned furniture manufacturer DMI.  Home Styles is DMI’s answer to the desires of its customers to purchase furnishings for their homes that not only beautify but also transform the spaces they are chosen to occupy. As always, DMI’s dedication to excellence is on display for all to see in the outstanding work it has done on this piece.

Where Art and Function Collide to Form Perfection

You may not be convinced yet that it is proper to call the Home Styles White Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench art, despite its attractive and stylish look. Yes, it has a spacious hinged storage bench, a broad bench top for even more items, and three double-pronged curled storage hooks for extensive hanging, making its high functionality and convenience obvious, you might say. But all of this wonderful practicality and efficiency does not make this unit a work of art, you may be claiming, not by a long shot. This is all true, but beside the point – what is a work of art but something that is really beautiful, and this storage unit is gorgeous to behold, as anyone can see. What something is used for is and how perfectly crafted it is for that purpose is, ultimately, irrelevant with respect to an objective evaluation of its appearance.

Measuring in at a roomy 62.25″ H x 25″ W x 18.5″ D, your new bench is constructed from solid high quality wood decorated with a distinctive white finish. Assembly will be required; but the furniture artists at DMI have crafted the individual pieces to fit together easily and precisely, and the assembly instructions are easy to follow.

Despite what anyone may believe, there is absolutely nothing that prohibits a highly practical, functional piece of furniture from being considered a work of art. And since art is only something that looks good while beautifying its space, then the Home Styles White Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench clearly qualifies as a work of art. No one is comparing it to the Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s David or Andy Warhol’s soup cans for that matter. But on its own terms this storage piece is art, and you will profoundly appreciate the way it decorates and enlivens your own personal art gallery – your home.

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