Linon Short Back Storage Bench

The Linon short back storage bench is an absolutely beautiful way to add extra storage to your home. With its beautiful wengea finish it has a rich and warm coloring that makes it a great accent piece that is functional. This is a piece of furniture that will work well in any room of your home. Affordable priced there is no way you can go wrong with this wonderful bench.

One of the unique features of this bench is that it has a split lift top to access the storage area. What this means as that you can be sitting on one side of the bench and get what you need out of the other side without having to get up. It is a great idea if in an entryway. You can sit and put your shoes on or off and store them in the bench. This will keep you from having to carry them through the house after each trip outside. It will save on having to clean the floors from tracked in dirt and mud.

Linon Short Back Storage Bench

Linon Short Back Storage Bench

There is no worry about the lid falling on you when you are putting things into or taking them out of the bench. The hinges will keep the bench lid open for safety until you close it. This certainly saves a lot of fingers and hands from being smashed. It will also save money on having to fill the trash mouth jar. Don’t laugh we all have them.

Quality and Great Price

The Linon Short Back Storage Bench is constructed of quality hardwood at an unbelievable price that makes it an impossible deal to pass on. The deep brown walnut finish adds luster and dimension to this bench for a great look. It is one that you can use in any room of your home that you want the extra storage. If you have a bathroom with enough floor space then what a wonderful place to store towels. Throw some cushions on it and with the back and arms you have a great place to sit in any room in your home.

Linon is known for their ready to assemble furniture and the ease of putting it all together. This bench is no exception to the rule. With the easy to follow directions and diagrams you will have it together in no time. This is a small thing when you are getting a wonderful piece of furniture that you will use and enjoy for years.

Durability, functionality, and beauty are what you will get in this affordable piece of furniture for your home. Not to mention some extra much needed storage space that we all seem to need. Purchase this great bench today and soon you will be using it and loving it. What a great piece as a gift this would make for any newlyweds starting out in a new home.

Take a look at just how beautiful the Linon short back storage bench has to offer. You will agree that this is a wonderful bench that will compliment in décor in your home.

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