Prepac Cherry Monterey Cubbie Bench

Fewer things are more practical than a piece of furniture that offers storage and a place to sit and take a load off.  The simple yet functional design of the Prepac Cherry Monterey Cubbie Bench will have your mind racing in different directions. Who doesn’t have a use for a bench that also allows you to get all the clutter off the floor and into a bin or two?

There are myriads of uses for the cherry cubbie bench. It can reside in front of your queen size bed. Inside the cubbies you can place two bins or baskets (as seen in the photo) and all those things that seemingly end up on your floor can now find a home. Another idea is that you can leave the spaces free of bins and place your shoes for the week inside them. Three equally spaced compartments mean that you can easily fit six pair inside. On top of the bench you can lay out your clothes for the next day, eliminating the need to thumb through every article of clothing in your closet while muttering to yourself, “What am I going to where to work today?” However, if you have a cat, you may wish to move your clothes to one side, because she or he will undoubtedly find your bench as comfortable as you do.

Prepac Cherry Monterey Cubbie Bench

Prepac Cherry Monterey Cubbie Bench

Another option is that if you have many extra sheets and blankets, you will have ready access to them when company arrives unexpectedly. For those nights when the temperature seems to have a mind of its own, you can leave a blanket loosely folded on top of the bench and grab it as needed. If you have kids and pets, you can place the Prepac Cherry Monterey Cubbie Bench near the front door and store the kids’ mittens, hats and scarves in one basket and in the other, your dogs’ leashes, their toys and bones. For those days and nights when it’s raining or even snowing, you can drape a towel on top of the bench to dry off your furry friends’ paws before they enter your house.

You’ll Ask Yourself How You Ever Did Without It

It’s amazing how busy our lives get. Kids with their school projects, sports and extra curricular activities all mean that you are likely accumulating a lot of stuff. But all this stuff can’t be thrown out and if things are stored away in a closet, you’ll surely need something and won’t be able to find it or remember where you put it. In the same manner we have an inbox and outbox on our desks at work, you can create a similar system at home with this bench. If you have more than one child, each one can choose a bin to put the things they need to be able to put their fingers on and run out the door. At this point, you might be asking yourself whether you should be considering buying more than one.

The dimensions of the cherry bench are 20″ H x 48″ W x 15.75″ D and it weighs 50 pounds. When it arrives, your bench will require some assembly. Easy-to-follow instructions ensure that in no time at all you can be enjoying all the benefits of this two-in-one bench. Located in British Columbia, Canada, Prepac has been a leading manufacturer of home storage furnishings since 1979.

Whether you are trying to find a solution for all the stuff you are accumulating or you have a specific need in mind for the Prepac Cherry Monterey Cubbie Bench, you’ll be so pleased with yourself the moment you start using it. But don’t be surprised if you look at the price and say to yourself, “Yeah, I can afford two of those.”

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