Prepac Fremont Small Twin Cubbie Bench in Espresso

Dark furniture has a way of communicating formal and elegant in a way that light colored furniture has a difficult time doing. The Prepac Fremont Small Twin Cubbie Bench in Espresso, for all its functionality, is one such piece. When looking at this bench, it’s difficult to imagine it living in a mudroom or your children’s play room. It is far too graceful a piece for those purposes.  Living at the foot of your bed, however, is likely where you already envision this bench.

Whether you just moved into your home and are mulling over what goes where or you have lived in your house for a while and are adding pieces, the twin cubbie bench will be a welcome edition. If you are anything like a great many people, you have bought your furniture piecemeal and although you had a bed, maybe you didn’t have a bench to put at its foot. Now as you are living in your home and realizing that you need one, you think of all the uses you can find for one.

Prepac Fremont Small Twin Cubbie Bench in Espresso

Prepac Fremont Small Twin Cubbie Bench in Espresso

Oftentimes benches such as this wood bench sit in one spot, serve as a place to sit while dressing or putting on your shoes or boots. Manufacturers don’t have a tendency to create ones that are as functional as they are beautiful, but by adding just a few cubbies to this bench, it is taken to a whole new level. Offering you ample space to put extra linens or storage for items that might otherwise end up on the floor, is reason enough to own the Prepac bench. Giving your cat or dog one more spot to perch or take a nap (because we know they never have enough of either) is just an added bonus, isn’t it?

Elegance, Function, Versatility: What More Can You Ask For?

If you already have a bench in front of your bed and you’re looking at the Fremont Small Twin Cubbie Bench in Espresso for another room, you will have made an excellent choice. Perhaps you envision it in your living room, living alongside your sofa or adjacent your TV stand. In addition to having ample room to put your CDs, DVDs and kids’ video games, it gives you extra seating when company arrives. In the dining room, it can elegantly complement your buffet and formal dining table. Wherever it ends up, the rich dark espresso wood will not only blend with your existing pieces, the pairing will look as if it were intentional all along.

The dimensions of your bench are 12.5″ H x 15.25″ W x 14″ D and it weighs 37 pounds. If you are unfamiliar with Prepac, they have been making fine home furnishings since 1979. Located in British Columbia, Canada, if quality is a concern of yours, it needn’t be with Prepac. Adhering to the strictest quality conditions, you can expect them to meet those you are familiar with buying anything that is “Made in the USA”. Using a composite of woods, this bench will remain as sturdy as it does beautiful as long as you own it. Prepac is so confident about its quality, it backs each and every piece with a 5-year warranty.

Wherever you choose to put the Fremont Small Twin Cubbie Bench in Espresso, it will quickly become one of your more treasured pieces. And one thing is assured, you will own it for years to come.

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