Prepac Maple Sonoma Twin Cubbie Bench

Who can’t use more storage space? Who doesn’t appreciate having an extra surface either to sit on or have a place to showcase your family photos? For many of us, the notion of giving up one for the other just won’t do. And with the Prepac Maple Sonoma Twin Cubbie Bench, you won’t have to. A functional place to have easy access to any number of items in your home, its practicality is only slightly eclipsed by its good looks.

About the only problem with a piece of furniture such as the maple cubbie bench, is settling on a place for it to live. Realizing that it can easily work in any bedroom, your living room, beside your front entrance and in the foyer, your challenge will now be to decide. If you have a home office and preferred it not be so stodgy and corporate looking, adding a decorative bench in there will liven things up a bit. If your business requires you to have a surface to display your portfolio or mock-ups of your work, the maple cubbie bench is a perfect surface on which to do this. And when it’s not displaying your work, your clients can sit beside you as you demonstrate what you can offer them. Underneath the seat, you can store some of your office supplies, books or other design materials.

Prepac Maple Sonoma Twin Cubbie Bench

Prepac Maple Sonoma Twin Cubbie Bench

In your living room, if you don’t have an entertainment system, you can replace it with your bench. Your CDs, DVDs, board games or extra blankets can be stored in the cubbies and offer easy access to them all. And once those items are neatly stored away, push the bench up against the wall and you’ve got another surface on which to sit and watch TV or read a book. If you have a problem keeping all your toddler’s toys from encroaching on the rest of the house, your cubby bench will be a welcome addition in your daughter or son’s room. His toys and games or her stuffed animals can fit perfectly inside. And when they’re not sitting on the bench, it’s a great place to set up the lost city of treasures fashioned from all the action figures they got for Christmas or Chanukah.

You’ll Run Out of Uses for This Bench

It’s not often that a piece as versatile as the Prepac Maple Sonoma Twin Cubbie Bench comes along. Combining the convenient storage of a cabinet with another place to sit, display things or allow your children’s imagination to run wild, you would have to buy three pieces of furniture to achieve everything you can with this one bench. You may find it difficult to believe it when you see the cost of the Sonoma bench.

The dimensions of your new bench are 20″ H x 36.25″ W x 15.75″ D and it weighs 48 pounds. Made using a combination of woods, the Prepac is not only beautiful, it’s also very sturdy. Arriving ready-to-assemble, in no time at all, your next challenge will be to decide where best to place it. If you have any concerns about where your bench is manufactured, rest assured because it’s made in Canada, and has been since Prepac began making affordable and quality furniture in 1979. They are so confident of its craftsmanship, offering a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty is standard for their furnishings.

Whether you looked at the Prepac Maple Sonoma Twin Cubbie Bench and knew right away where best to place it or you are narrowing it down to one of three rooms, one thing is for certain: today or ten years from now, you’ll be so pleased you bought it!

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