Prepac White Monterey Cubbie Bench

From the first time you see the Prepac White Monterey Cubbie Bench, images of little girls’ dolls, their toys and stuffed animals are likely what will come to mind. Once you assemble it and place it in your daughter’s room, it will become not only her favorite storage place, but also a great bench on which to sit and play with her toys. A great addition to any young lady’s room, it will not only get her things off the floor, but it will complement her furniture. Whether she still has a convertible crib or has graduated to a big girl bed, the cubbie bench will look great at the foot of it. If however, space is at a premium and the bench can’t fully extend beyond the bed without people tripping over it, pushing it up against the wall where it will compliment her doll’s house is a great alternative.

Even the neatest of girls have a habit of leaving their toys strewn about the floor once they’ve finished playing with them. If it has become a source of contention between you both, rather than continuing to beg her to keep her toys tidy, why not solve the problem and spend little money doing so? For far less than you might imagine, the Monterey bench is well within your budget. Surprise your little girl and remind her that this is her first piece of real ‘grown up’ furniture. She will be so thrilled to have been considered a budding adult, she’ll return the favor by keeping all her dolls, horses and plush pets tucked away safe and sound when she’s not playing with them.

Prepac White Monterey Cubbie Bench

Prepac White Monterey Cubbie Bench

Once the Prepac White Monterey Cubbie Bench is in your daughter’s room, don’t be all that surprised if she loves it but wishes it were a different color. As girls get older and their personalities become more defined, it’s natural for them to explore and be curious. Maybe you’ll find her paying more attention to another girl’s bedroom, while some even look at books or magazines and like the photos exhibited in them. Requests for purple, pink, light blue and burgundy walls with ceilings painted to match the clouds above, seemingly come from out of nowhere. And of course, to go with her newly painted walls, she’ll ask to paint her new bench. Maybe she’ll lean toward pretty flowers or something else that personalizes her furniture, but either way, repainting her white bench is both easy and fun for the two of you to do together.

All the Elegance of a Grown Up Piece of Furniture

Three storage compartments make up your daughter’s new bench. Made using a composite of woods, it can take the everyday abuse a little girl and her toys can dish out. Clean and simple lines will ensure her bench complements her existing furnishings as well as her walls. The only hint of ornate is at the bottom of the bench, and for all its elegance, minimal though it may be, it’s understated enough not to overpower any other piece in her room.

The dimensions of the white cubbie bench are 20″ H x 48″ W x 15.75″ D and it weighs 50 pounds. Indeed this is a solid bench bound to last her years to come. When her new bench arrives, it will require some assembly, however it’s quick and painless and something you can do together in no time. If you are unfamiliar with Prepac, since 1979 they have been making quality home furnishings. This bench and most others they make are backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Not only is her bench solid and beautiful but it also offers you peace of mind.

From the moment you give your daughter her very own Prepac White Monterey Cubbie Bench, expect never to stumble over another of her toys or animals again. You can also expect her to love it and give you tons of kisses to prove it!

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