Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Round Table with Two Benches

How often do you find exactly what you’re looking for when shopping for anything, let alone furniture? If you have longed for a picnic table and chairs, but preferred the look of a round table, when you see the Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Round Table with Two Benches, your search for a picnic table and benches will be over. There is just something so cozy about eating your barbecue chicken and ribs on a round table, isn’t there?

If you are like most of us, you want to savor every bit of time you can spend outdoors. Whether it’s eating breakfast with the rising sun, lunch in the shade or dinner watching the sun set over the horizon, this cedar dining set makes each meal the best it can be. Apart from being the most romantic picnic set you’ll find, it’s the most comfortable one out there. As with all in the Old Adirondack line of furniture, providing you with incredible comfort is their utmost concern.

Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Round Table & Benches

Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Round Table & Benches

Many well-thought-out details have gone into the design of the Blue Mountain Table Set. For example, ensuring that the height of each bench in relation to the table is ideal, regardless how tall or short you are. Additionally, each leg, both on the table and the benches, is sloped, which provides maximum stability and guards against wobbling. As we all know from experience, fewer things can ruin a meal faster than an unsteady table. Lastly, the wooden slats of the seat are fastened tightly together so as not to cause pinching or leave marks on your legs.

Set It Up Under Your Patio Cover, or Overlooking Your Most Scenic View

If you find yourself undecided as to where to put your Blue Mountain Table and Benches, why choose? As sturdy as this set is, it’s also lightweight enough that two people can move it easily. Maybe during the day while the sun is at its peak, you can eat lunch under the shaded patio cover. Later, after the sun has set and your beloved and you want to move to a more romantic spot on your property, simply pick it up and move it. Don’t be surprised if you find yourselves holding hands!

The dimensions of your table are 31″ H x 48″ diameter, while the dimensions of each bench is 18″ H x 24″ W x 12″ D. Each is handcrafted in upstate New York, as such, the quality of the Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Round Table with Two Benches is assured. If you have any concerns about splintering, cedar, unlike oak and pine, loses moisture slowly, which minimizes future cracks. There will be some assembly required of both the benches and the table, however, they’re minimal and the set comes with step-by-step instructions. Initially, cedar is a pale tan or light gold; however, over time this color weathers to a silver gray patina. Staining and/or painting slows this natural process down.

If you’ve wondered whether it’s actually possible to fall in love with outdoor furniture, once you own the Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Round Table with Two Benches, you’ll quickly learn that it is! And with a price this attractive,  you’ll have many more reasons to smile each time you use it.

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