Old Adirondack Comfort Adirondack Rocker

–No Longer Available–

If it weren’t for the craftsmanship of the Old Adirondack Comfort Adirondack Rocker, the only things to tout would be the elegant design and the “Ahhhh” feeling you have every time you relax in it. It’s not easy to create a rocking chair that combines all three, but leave it to Old Adirondack to score yet another goal with this one.

Someone who has sat in many a rocking chair clearly designed this one.  There are a myriad of features that make it not only inviting to sit in, but also a piece that will last for many years to come. The back meets the seat at just the right angle to make you want to lean into it while you’re rocking away. The horizontal slats underneath your legs and bottom are tightly joined together to ensure that you’ll never be pinched by one of them. Rather than having the pieces of wood end abruptly at the point where the backs of your knees hit the base, instead they form a curve to allow your knees to cradle them naturally. For anyone who loves ergonomic furnishings, this will be an added benefit.

Old Adirondack Comfort Adirondack Rocker

Old Adirondack Comfort Adirondack Rocker

Another attribute you’ll love is how comfortable the armrests are.  You’ll actually want to use them when mindlessly “rocking out” to music or as you’re drifting off into a nap. If you want to look even better while taking your nap, by all means, add a colorful pillow to jazz things up a bit.

Quality and Style Never Felt So Good

When you get your Comfortable Adirondack Rocker home, although it is billed as an outdoor rocker, don’t be surprised if you find that you’re moving it from your backyard to your living room on occasion. Weighing only 33 pounds, it won’t be a chore to do so. It’s one of those pieces that can complement your sofa and easy chairs, as well as it does your patio furniture. For all its character, this cedar rocker has clean and simple lines that lend itself to practically any style. Whether you have contemporary, antique or Asian inspired pieces, your rocker will fit in.

The dimensions are 37″ H x 20″ W x 19″ D. Regardless whether you leave your rocking chair inside or out, over time it will go from its original pale tan or light gold to a silver gray patina. Staining or painting it to match the facade of your home, your pergola or existing furniture will retard this natural process. If seeing “Made in the USA” is important to you when you’re shopping, your chair is made in upstate New York; as such your quality is assured. When it arrives, there will be some assembly required, however the directions included are clear and easy to follow. Within about twenty minutes you can be enjoying your latest treasure.

From the first time you sit in the Old Adirondack Comfort Adirondack Rocker, you’ll simply love it! You may be continually surprised at how little you paid for it, the longer you own it.  And although you may find yourself fighting the cat or your spouse for rocking time, when you can use it, you’ll be extremely thrilled that you bought it.

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