Old Adirondack Diamond Point Group Planters

Why would you go through the time and expense of buying patio furniture that is an expression of you and then pair the set with plant boxes that say ho hum? As soon as you see The Old Adirondack Diamond Point Group Planters, you’ll quickly realize that you can have function, beauty and elegance all in one.  If you like the idea of highlighting your miniature trees and/or your favorite flowers with some pizazz, make a statement with these planter boxes.

The conventional school of thought has been to use pottery to give a backyard or patio that extra bit of flair. While pottery is very pretty, you’re likely to see it in all your neighbors’ yards, and what’s the fun in that? If being different and not having a cookie cutter home is important to you, you’ll really want to consider these for your backyard oasis.

Old Adirondack Diamond Point Group Planters

Old Adirondack Diamond Point Group Planters

The clean lines of these planters allow them to work well with any style of patio furniture, be it wood, aluminum, wicker or whatever you have. Simple and naturally elegant, they allow you to be bold in an extremely subtle fashion. You can use them to plant your most colorful flowers, fruit trees, or perennials, such as different varieties of coleus. Each can stand alone or by using the extension kit, you can form a row of planters. Also available is an add-on kit, for creating a corner unit or a bench. If for some reason you have to store them, they’re light weight and they don’t take up a lot of room.

Your Backyard Will Look as if You Hired a Professional Landscaper

If you have always loved the idea of using planters to give your backyard a little face-lift without breaking the bank, you’re going to love The Old Adirondack Diamond Point Planters! Maybe you have a walkway that leads to another section of your outdoor living space that is just begging to be jazzed up. Or perhaps you want to place them on either side of the sliding or French doors. Still a third option is to create a border that will look nothing like anyone else’s. Whatever you dream up, the design possibilities are endless.

Here are some specifications that you’ll want to know: The dimensions are 15″ H x 51-66″ W x 12″ D and weighs 85 pounds. They’re made of cedar, which means that over time they’ll crack and splinter far less than if they were made from oak or pine. Cedar is naturally a pale tan or light gold, which gives way to a silver gray patina after approximately a year. Staining will slow this natural process down. If you are like many consumers and have a growing concern about where your products are manufactured, rest assured that they’re made in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State.

If you have been looking for ways to create a lasting impression in your backyard that both your visitors and you will love, The Diamond Point Group offers you function, beauty, simplicity and elegance that will last for years, at an extremely affordable price.

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