Old Adirondack Mirror Lake 4 Piece Conversation Set

If you already own a formal dining set outside and have been searching for one that is reminiscent of your family room, the Old Adirondack Mirror Lake 4 Piece Conversation Set may be just what you’re looking for. Consisting of your favorite Old Adirondack bench, chair, side table and coffee table, this set gives you everything you need to relax with friends and family on your patio. If you are familiar with their line of furniture, you’ll instantly recognize the pieces that make up this incredible set. Sturdy, functional, elegant and they’re all pieces you’ve been looking for individually. It’s the quality you’ve come to know with that distinctive look you’ve come to love.

For those days when all you can think about is coming home and taking a load off, how comforting it will be for you to know that your Mirror Lake Conversion Set awaits you! Kick up your feet, place a cushion under your head and grab a book. You’re in for a peaceful time, as you get lost in the novel’s characters and the gentle breeze blowing around you.  If you like entertaining, your friends will love coming over and eating hors d’oeuvres and enjoying a bottle of Shiraz or a few beers and chatting the evening away.

Old Adirondack Mirror Lake Conversation Set

Old Adirondack Mirror Lake Conversation Set

What makes this outdoor cedar furniture such a great find, apart from the coziness it brings, is its superior craftsmanship. Starting with the tables, what you see as an interesting design is so much more. Each leg is not only joined to the table, but to one another, which ensures that the tables will never wobble, causing anything to spill. The slats of woods used for the surface are so tightly put together, nothing, even water or particles of food are going to penetrate the grooves.

Imagine the Pieces You’ve Been Looking For, in a Set That’s Affordable

If you have been considering buying a bench, chair and tables, but began pricing them individually and didn’t think you could afford them, relax! Not only will you get each piece you were hoping to buy, but combined they’ll be at a price you can’t afford to pass up. Now with this concern off your mind, you can have those friends over or if you prefer, break in your bench by lying down and taking a good long nap.

The Mirror Lake 4 Piece Conversation Set will require some assembly. It’s minimal and instructions are provided to ensure that you have years of enjoyment ahead of you. Some things you’ll want to know about cedar. It loses moisture slowly, as such, you’ll notice far fewer cracks over the lifetime of each piece, than you would if they were made from oak or pine. The climate you live in will have little to no influence. Cedar is naturally a pale tan or light gold, and in about a year will weather to a silver gray patina. Staining or painting will retard this process. One more thing you may notice is a nice fragrance to your furnishings. What you smell in the wood is a natural insect repellent.

Now that you have found each piece you’ve been looking for in a set that makes it too difficult to pass up, the only thing left to do is pat yourself on the back and have fun. You deserve it!

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