Old Adirondack Rocker and Side Table

Whether you own patio furniture or not you owe it to yourself to take a good look at the Old Adirondack Rocker and Side Table. If you do a lot of entertaining, you probably already have a formal dining set for those days or nights you prefer eating your meals outside either warmed by the sun or under a blanket of stars. Under your patio cover, you may have a bench, a few chairs and a coffee table for those times when you want to “hang out” with friends and family and eat hors d’oeuvres and have a cocktail before moving to the table to enjoy dinner.

Old Adirondack Rocker And Side Table

Old Adirondack Rocker And Side Table

A rocker is so soothing and being in one allows your troubles to simply melt away. This is probably the reason it was the focal point in your parents’ living room, growing up. Problems have a way of working out faster when you’re rocking away. Books read better and the letters find their way to the spaces in a crossword puzzle faster when you’re in a rocking chair. If you don’t believe in their magic, bring your outdoor rocker and side table to the most secluded place on your property along with your laptop and watch what happens. The manual for work you’ve been struggling to co-author will all but write itself. If it starts raining, simply move under your pergola or if you prefer, bring the set inside to your family room or den. They’re lightweight enough that you won’t break a sweat doing it.

Once inside, you may discover that your Adirondack Rocker and Side Table work as well with your family room’s décor as well as they do with your outdoor ensemble. If you stain them a neutral color, it can be the most versatile set you own; spending half its time inside and the other half outdoors. What makes this possible are that the clean lines of both pieces will compliment any style, be it contemporary, antique or Provençal.

Next to Your Spouse, Your Kids and Your Pet, This Will Become the Love of Your Life

If you wondered whether it were possible to actually fall in love with furniture, you’ll ponder this no longer once you have an Old Adirondack Rocker and Side Table of your very own. While other chairs and tables have their place in your home and indeed characterize your personality, most, you’ll agree, are functional. Some you sit on, others you place objects on top of. Some may offer a little more, for example a sofa, but by and large they all serve a purpose.  But a rocking chair listens to you. It gets that you had a rough day at work or that the kids are driving you a little bonkers or that you just need a little break. Sit in your rocker and watch as your mood instantly improves!  Now that’s what you call, LOVE!

Your rocker set is yet another winner in the Old Adirondack line of furnishings. If you are familiar with them, you’ll know that quality goes into every slat of used to make your chair and table. Made of cedar, they will be naturally a pale tan or light gold when they arrive. In about a year they’ll weather to a silver patina. Staining or painting will retard this process. Some assembly is required, however it’s minimal and it won’t be long before you’re having your “Ahhhh” moments in your new rocking chair.

Love your Old Adirondack Rocker and Side Table for the solace it brings you on a stressful day or because it’s the perfect combination when you want to be inspired. Whatever the reason you fall in love, it’s a love that’s bound to last for many years.

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