Atlantic Outdoor Convertible Wood Picnic Table and Garden Bench

It’s not often that someone has the ingenuity to create a picnic table that converts to a garden bench. Certainly for the most part they are mutually exclusive, but this one brings to mind the expression, “You can have your cake and eat it, too!” When you aren’t using the Atlantic Outdoor Convertible Wood Picnic Table and Garden Bench for your outdoor meals, fold it up and it’s an extremely comfortable bench for one, two or three people.

Atlantic Outdoor Convertible Wood Picnic Table and Garden Bench

Atlantic Outdoor Convertible Wood Picnic Table and Garden Bench

Like most of us, you have a family and you love to spend time outdoors, even in the colder months. But maybe like the majority of us, being able to afford both a garden bench and a cool picnic table is simply out of the question. Whether your kids are still living at home, are in college or you are saving for them to go to college, you often have to choose between non-essential items. Not so with this table and bench. And who says the cold and snow have to force you inside and that outdoor picnics flew the coop as you raked up the last bag of falling leaves? Nonsense! Turn up your patio heater, start the barbecue and substitute your corn on the cob for hearty winter greens, squash and round up the family.

As a picnic table, your new setup seats six comfortably. Adding a small child on either side is quite doable as well. With plenty of elbowroom on the table, go ahead and line up the dinner plates and ‘fixins’ and dig in. Can you honestly think of anything better than enjoying an informal ‘summer’ barbecue with your loved ones just as it begins to snow outside? And when you’re done eating and most of your family has gone inside to watch TV, play on the computer or otherwise relax, you can convert it to a bench, bring out a comforter and curl up with a good book. Who says you can’t enjoy your backyard in the winter?

Its Versatility is Just One Reason You Will Fall in Love

Apart from being sold on the Convertible Table/Bench because now you are able to afford two pieces of furniture in one, you may actually love it because it will do its part in bringing your family together. While patio furniture is certainly nice to own, whether it’s a formal table and four chairs or one that emulates your living room, let’s face it, it isn’t a picnic table. The former tends to be too formal for those times when you just want to hang out with your kids and/or your spouse and eat chicken and ribs as the sauce drips down your fingers. The outdoor living room set is great as well, but no matter ‘how you slice it’ it’s not a picnic table.

Since 1967, Atlantic Outdoor has manufactured furniture for use outdoors. Specializing in pieces comprised of fir and a mixture of other hardwoods, expect your furnishings to be as beautiful in ten years as they are the day you bring them home. Although your garden bench/picnic table requires some assembly, the easy to follow instructions come complete with pictures. Initially when your set arrives, it will be a reddish brown color. Over time it will weather to silvery patina. While it’s recommended that you weatherproof it, you don’t need to stain it for added protection – this is only if you prefer that it retain its original coloring. With dimensions of 30” H x 57” W x 54” D and a weight of 52 pounds, although it isn’t heavy, it may require two people to convert from one to another.

If you have been trying to figure out how you can afford both a garden bench and a picnic table, worry no longer. The Atlantic Outdoor Convertible Wood Picnic Table and Garden Bench is the one piece you can give your whole family as the perfect holiday gift. And with this unbeatable price and free shipping, you’ll find it to be one of the best buys you make for your home.

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