Atlantic Outdoor Glider Bench

Whether you are remodeling your outdoor oasis or you’ve just moved in and you’re buying all new furniture, even couples who agree on most everything can find themselves differing on opinions when it comes to furniture. Both separately and together you scour the Internet in search of items that express your personalities and serve a practical purpose as well. As you compare notes about this or that piece you’ve both seen, maybe this sounds like a familiar discussion. “I want a bench on the front porch,” says your spouse. “But I want a rocking chair. You know how much I love knitting while rocking and the baby loves to be rocked to sleep. It would be wonderful to be able to do that outside as well as in the nursery.” Although you can agree on the material you’d both like – wood – the concern that one of you may not be entirely thrilled with what you purchase isn’t a fun way to start things off. How about you both win? The Atlantic Outdoor Glider Bench gives your spouse the bench he wants and you get to rock the baby to sleep.

Atlantic Outdoor Glider Bench

Atlantic Outdoor Glider Bench

Sometimes furniture can serve two purposes, one practical and the other fun. Of course you want a place to sit that is both comfortable and attractive. If it goes with your existing furniture, wow, that just makes it all the more enticing, doesn’t it? And although you think you might be asking for a lot here, allowing more than one person to sit at a time bumps up a chair’s value considerably. But what if a chair could be all the above and be fun as well? Now the excitement is really building as you bring your spouse from the next room to look at it. You explain that you think you have been able to satisfy both of your wants. It’s all sounding so perfect, isn’t it? In all likelihood the next concern will be cost. When you see the price of the Acacia Hardwood Glider Bench, surely you’ll think it’s a misprint. Is it really possible to have something that is made with such high quality, makes you both happy and is affordable?

Now you can actually start thinking of all its possibilities. Your spouse has now taken a place next to you at the computer and is no longer standing, looking at the screen with the same skeptical eye he has had the last few times you were certain you solved the ‘problem’.

The Porch or The Backyard? Decisions, Decisions!

Now that you have moved your husband from a firm, “No, it’s not going to work” to “Hmmm, I really like it, let’s order it”, there’s no doubt that ideas are toiling around in your brain. Where shall it live? Although it’s rather cliché to think of two lovebirds swinging away on the front porch, some images are lasting for a reason. So, you both agree that your combination bench/glider will live on the front porch. But something funny happens. You get it home and assemble it and to your complete surprise, your husband says, “Wouldn’t this look great under the oak tree in the backyard?” You smile to yourself and think if deciding where to place it is your biggest challenge, you really don’t have a problem.

Your new bench’s dimensions are 35” H x 55.5” W x 26.75” D and it weighs 50 pounds. While it requires you both to move it from the porch to the backyard to see where it looks and feels best, it isn’t so heavy that you once you have, you can’t change your mind and move it again. Made from Acacia hardwood, expect your bench to arrive as a natural blonde and after a few seasons you can watch it weather to a silvery-gray patina.

For those times when neither of you can fully agree on a piece of furniture to purchase, why take the risk that one of you won’t be very happy? By buying something that is as versatile and beautiful as the Atlantic Outdoor Glider Bench you can have your rocker and your husband the bench he has dreamed of lying on once he’s completed his yard work. Now if only all problems could be solved this easily.

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