Kingsley-Bate Mandalay Teak Bench

We are living in a Culture of Now. It seems as if everyone is always on the verge of being late – we have to be somewhere, pick someone up, turn something in or get something finished right now, and if there is any way we can have it done five minutes ago, that would be even better. This perpetual need to hurry leaves us dominated by a persistent state of low-level tension, which can be mentally and physically debilitating if left untreated. So, what can we do? Rather than going to the doctor looking for the latest magic pill, the best option is to create a spot dedicated to rest, relaxation and contemplation right in our own backyard.  Creating a peaceful garden space would be one excellent alternative, and here is where the good folks at Kingsley-Bate have something to offer that could really help you get this project off the ground – the Kingsley-Bate Mandalay Teak Bench.

Kingsley Bate Mandalay Teak Bench

Kingsley Bate Mandalay Teak Bench

Your garden absolutely has to have a lovely, comfortable bench as a centerpiece. The Mandalay Teak Bench is beyond stunning, and it was built specifically with your comfort in mind. Its glossy finish has an organic look that will make it seem as if this bench simply sprouted up along with the rest of your garden foliage, and its gentle slopes and curves are instinctively pleasing to the eye. It has the kind of high supportive back that is essential for comfort in vertical repose; but the really unique feature of the Mandalay Bench is its anatomically-correct scooped seat, which will make it feel as if you are sinking down into a soft cushion as you sit to relax within the confines of your new green oasis.

Kingsley-Bate is known throughout the industry for their outstanding workmanship and creative imagination. Nevertheless, it has to be acknowledged that they have really outdone themselves with this particular bench. Kingsley-Bate was the first American company to use Javanese teak in its furniture construction, and they have become the masters at working with this beautiful honey-golden tropical hardwood. They have also won praise from industry insiders and informed consumers for their commitment to responsible environmental stewardship.

The Culture of Now and its True Meaning

There is an irony in the Culture of Now as we experience it, and that is that the meaning of this phrase has become completely inverted. Learning to live in the Now can easily been seen as an aspect of trying not to take on too much stress, but rather take time to live in the moment and simply enjoy your surroundings. The quiet garden experience, the one you have worked so hard to ensure is peaceful and a reflection of your personality, can be the perfect backdrop of your patio furniture, which of course, includes your favorite bench. Picture if you will minutes or hours spent peacefully perched on your new Kingsley-Bate Mandalay Teak Bench, either in quiet respite or surrounded by your family having another incredible meal.

Your new teak bench measures a symmetrical 54″L x 24″W x 36″H, and while it comes unassembled it can be put together with speed and ease. Manufactured from the most durable wood available, this bench will hold its pristine appearance for decades with minimal maintenance, allowing you and your family the chance to experience those magical moments of Now into perpetuity. If you want to entertain in your garden space – which seems likely – then you should also check out the Mandalay dining and deep seating groups, which feature the same great looks and construction values as the Mandalay Bench.

You yearn for peaceful moments to cancel and contradict all of the chaos. A beautiful garden or similar outdoor space can deliver the peace and transformation you have been seeking, and the Kingsley-Bate Mandalay Teak Bench would be the perfect resting spot from which to enjoy the healing energies of nature. Help return the Culture of Now to its true meaning in your life, by purchasing this bench – right now!

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