Kingsley-Bate Chippendale Teak Bench

Leisure time is precious – but it can also be maddeningly elusive.  There is just so much work to be done, at the office and at home, that you don’t have the time to get away with family and friends the way you would like. You’d love to be able to take off for short evening or weekend trips; but either you can’t find the time or even if you have a little time you are so tired that all you want to do is stay home and rest.  This is a legitimate conundrum, because you need that leisure time to recharge your batteries and restore your frazzled nerves. So, what can you do? How about transforming your own backyard, patio or deck into a place for quick but awesome re-energizing retreats? And how about starting this project by purchasing the Kingsley-Bate Chippendale Teak Bench?

Kingsley Bate Chippendale Teak Bench

Kingsley Bate Chippendale Teak Bench

Now when it comes to outdoor benches purchased for rest and relaxation, there is clearly a difference between a bench and a bench. One look will tell you: the Chippendale  Bench is, without a doubt, a bench. Featuring eye-pleasing geometry and intricate Chinese latticework that evokes a sense of the organic, the Chippendale delivers an impeccable design that will beautify any space it occupies. This bench offers a resolutely supportive backrest; wide arm rests appropriate for a dish or glass and a gently curving seat crafted for comfort. The Chippendale is made from teak, a tropical hardwood with a distinctive golden-honey glow that looks even more attractive in person than in pictures.

Kingsley-Bate is an American company that uses only sustainably harvested teak from plantations in Southeast Asia. This company has risen to the top based not only on their choice of raw material, but also because they only hire the most skilled and imaginative furniture craftspeople available. Combine incredibly talented workers with the finest tropical hardwood and you get results that are without parallel in the furniture industry. In other words, you get results like the Kingsley-Bate Chippendale Teak Bench.

You Deserve a Break – Today!

If you want to bring more leisure to your life, you can’t wait for the perfect time– you have to make it happen right here and right now. You have to do it at home, where you have a space available for adornment and transformation – be it your lawn, garden, patio or deck. You have it in your power to build a satisfying, peaceful spot right on your own turf, available in an instant whenever you need it. This teak bench would be an incredible place to start you on the road to your own personal heaven on earth – this is a transcendently lovely piece of outdoor furniture, entirely appropriate as a centerpiece for a relaxing outdoor retreat.

The Chippendale measures a compact 34″ H x 20″ D, and is available in either 4 or 5-foot lengths. Teak, however, is an extremely dense and durable wood, and this bench weighs in at a sturdy 55 lbs. Teak only needs an occasional oiling with the wood’s natural resin to maintain its golden patina, and it is so damage-resistant that this bench comes with an almost unheard of 5 year warranty. Your teak bench is shipped in parts, but requires minimal work to reassemble.

Looks, durability, functionality, comfort, convenience – the Kingsley-Bate Chippendale 4 foot Teak Bench has it all. Leisure time is important, and you can’t let yourself neglect this need anymore. Your own home can provide the crucial retreat space you need to bring calm and tranquility back into your life, and the expert craftspeople from Kingsley-Bate have given you the ideal starting point for making this necessity into a reality.

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