Kingsley-Bate Dunbarton Teak Bench

Creating a thriving, green garden space in your backyard can be a pleasurable and satisfying experience. All the work you put into it, selecting the right trees, shrubs, flowers, or other plants, then planting them and caring for them as they grow. In the end you will realize it was all worth the effort, once you cast your eyes on the beautiful green oasis you have created when everything is in full bloom. But the early looks at your living masterpiece will only whet your appetite and leave you wanting more. You have created your lovely garden, and now you want to spend time there, not just working it but relaxing and enjoying the peaceful, quiet environment. With this thought in mind, now is the time when you need to make an investment to acquire the perfect starting point for a garden gathering spot for yourself, your family, and your friends. What you need to buy, immediately if not sooner, is the Kingsley-Bate Dunbarton Teak Bench.

Kingsley Bate Dunbarton Teak Bench

Kingsley Bate Dunbarton Teak Bench

Simply constructed but classically beautiful, this Teak Bench features a sturdy design highlighted by the broad arm rests, which provide a platform for a glass or book as you take time out to relax alongside your beautiful garden. The Dunbarton has a square-rectangle architecture that looks user-friendly even as this bench is busy decorating your garden retreat space with its honey-golden tropical teak glow. ‘Comfort’ is really the key word that best describes this bench, and it will be hard to make yourself get up again after you have spent some time casually lounging on its gently curving seat.

This fantastically-designed bench is yet another outstanding work of furniture art from the highly skilled creators at Kingsley-Bate. Working with their staple material, sustainably-harvested Javanese teak, the K&B craftsmen continue to develop exciting new wooden outdoor furniture that revolutionizes the business simply through its existence.

Honestly, It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

Maybe you have not even thought about putting a garden in your backyard before. Or perhaps you have one but it has not occurred to you to turn it into a place for relaxation and retreat from the rest of the world. After looking at this Kingsley-Bate teak centerpiece, it is hard to imagine how you can resist the thought any longer. Really, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to start making better use of your backyard spread. Garden plus teak bench is an unbeatable combination, no matter how you slice it. And if the idea is new to you, may we suggest that you buy the bench first? Then, after working hard to put in your garden in future days, you can rest on your new teak comfort spot while you imagine the things to come after everything flowers and blooms. Regardless what stage you are at with your garden project, you should probably just go ahead and buy the Kingsley-Bate Dunbarton Teak Bench right now. You will thank yourself, honestly.

This bench measures a proportional 34″ H x 20″ D, and comes in 4, 5, or 6 foot lengths. It comes in pieces, but you do not have to be Humpty Dumpty to put them together again because re-assembly is ridiculously quick and easy. A cushion is optional and is sold separately, and the Dunbarton can be combined with matching chair, coffee table and end table as you continue to build an attractive, complex space for relaxing and socializing.

The Kingsley-Bate Dunbarton Teak Bench is a durable, attractive and functionally-perfect choice for the garden in your backyard, or the garden of your dreams. You can see how fabulous this bench is – if you don’t have a garden but want one, then buy this bench now, put it in your backyard, and let it provide the unstoppable motivation you need to get that garden up and growing as soon as possible.

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