Kingsley-Bate Sea Island 54 inch Teak Bench

Imagine yourself living a quiet, simple life in a seaside cottage somewhere in the British Isles. The sights and sounds of a rugged, turbulent sea in the distance are your constant companion as you go about your daily chores, or as you just sit to relax on a comfortable wooden bench perfectly placed on the edge of your small English country garden. Images like these may seem far from reality; but in fact these visions should be your inspiration as you look to add style and panache to your backyard relaxation spaces. Dream of something spectacular that would soothe your soul, and then do the best you can to make it happen. Maybe one place to start would be with that bench. If you could find something like the one in your vision, then the magical process of transformation of your favorite retreat area could begin in earnest. What you need is something like – no, change that to exactly like – the Kingsley-Bate Sea Island 54 inch Teak Bench.

Kingsley Bate Sea Island 54 Inch Teak Bench

Kingsley Bate Sea Island 54 Inch Teak Bench

It is virtually guaranteed that as soon as you look more closely at the Sea Island 54 inch Teak Bench, your imagination will run wild. This bench is simply transcendent in its elegance and honey-golden attractiveness. It is difficult to ignore the beauty of the undulating curves of the backrest, and the peaks and troughs of the curved seat. In fact, so much so that wherever you are – worrying about bills, on your way to your daughter’s soccer practice or behind your desk at work – all you will be able to hear is your bench calling you. This is unmistakably a bench designed for the tranquility that only your secluded hideaway can offer.

The talented teak builders from Kingsley-Bate have demonstrated their brilliance in the art of furniture making once again with this gorgeously-crafted bench. The workmanship on exhibit here is remarkable, and nowhere is their skill more evident than on the intricate lines of the Georgian shells that provide an extra touch of evocative shaping to this exquisitely carved and constructed teak masterpiece.

Fairy Tales Aren’t the Only Places Where Dreams Come True

Perhaps it is not necessary to transform your space into an imaginary seaside escape. Perhaps you already have a lakeside cabin or home; or a special place in your backyard that when you visit, it lifts all the stresses of the world. That is the very place for a bench as perfect as this. The Kingsley-Bate Sea Island 54 inch Teak Bench has the potential to add that special feeling, that tranquility and happiness to your life. You can put this bench anywhere near your home, where you can relax under the sun, read, converse with friends or your special someone – anything you want, the choice is yours. The point is, this bench is gorgeous, comfortable and artistically pleasing, and in reality it can transform and improve any retreat area just by sitting there and looking good.

Constructed from the tropical hardwood teak, the quintessential wood of choice for fantastically beautiful and durable outdoor furniture, this bench measures  54″L x 20″W x 35″H. A matching chair and optional cushion are also available; and while the bench does come disassembled, the parts can be quickly and easily reconstructed. Teak is a wood that needs minimal maintenance to maintain its appearance, so this Kingsley-Bate masterpiece can potentially preserve its pristine aspect for as long as you wish.

Dreams are not illusions when they inspire you. The Kingsley-Bate Sea Island 54 inch Teak Bench can help transport your dreams of escape to distant shores or wherever your most want to be. If you have not actually had such dreams before, the best advice is to check out this gorgeous bench immediately, and let those dreams drift naturally into your consciousness.

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