Oxford Garden Classic Garden Bench Set

As you prepare to move into your new home, you will no doubt have to make an assessment of the furniture you have versus the pieces you will need. If you are moving from an apartment, condo or a townhouse, chances are good that you didn’t have patio furniture and that you will want some in your new backyard. Of course, if you are anything like most people, you have to adhere to a tight budget. Overnight, it seems, your expenses just swelled; between the bigger mortgage, taxes and expanded utilities, there isn’t much wiggle room available for the expensive patio set you saw in the catalog, is there? Forget that designer collection! For less than half the cost but offering twice the quality, once you see the Oxford Garden Classic Garden Bench Set, it will quickly jump to the top of your list.

Oxford Garden Classic Garden Bench Set

Oxford Garden Classic Garden Bench Set

Although the classic understated look is what will initially attract you to this unique bench set, owning it is a different story. If you look in most people’s backyards, you will likely see similar furnishings to those you were considering buying in the catalog. Furniture like this appeals to the masses, and companies who make them count on its customers not to look around to see anything that is out of the ordinary. Indeed cookie cutter is a word that comes to mind when looking at many of those aluminum sets. Why not buy something different from your neighbors?

There are a myriad reasons to fall in love and stay in love with the Oxford Bench Set. Among them are workmanship, pieces that will last you for many, many years, elegance and a bonus end table. Although each piece is sold separately, Oxford combines its most popular items to create the perfect set for anyone who entertains outdoors frequently. Perhaps you already own an outdoor formal dining set, but there are times when you want to just ‘hang out’, talk, play board games or eat hors d’oeuvres and drink wine. For those times, a less formal set is ideal.

Own a Bit of the English Countryside in Your Backyard

If you have been wondering why you have not seen a similar bench set marketed in the United States, it’s because you are looking in the wrong country! The British have long been known for their understated elegance. Whether it is their furniture, their mannerisms, their architecture or culture, these are people who are not ostentatious, and rarely do they stand out in a crowd. If you are to visit someone’s home in England, whether he has money or is middle class, he will have a similar bench under a tree in his garden. Looking at the 4-foot bench, the armchair or backless bench, you can’t help but notice that for all its simplicity of design, the quality with which the pieces are made is unquestionable. The tight manner in which each slat of wood is joined together, neither a piece of food nor the weight of a human can compromise the tensity of the seats. Long after inferior, yet equally priced sets have been used for firewood or are in the landfill, you will still be enjoying your Oxford Garden Classic Garden Bench Set.

The dimensions of each piece are as follows:

Item                                                                       Dimension                                                            Weight

4-foot classic bench                                           35″ H x 48.5″ W x 26.5″ D                                    67 pounds

Classic armchair                                                 35″ H x 23″ W x 26.5″ D                                        41 pounds

Cocktail Table (36″ X 24″)                                16.5″ H x 35.5″ W x 20.5″ D                                 33 pounds

End Table (18″ X 18″)                                        16.5″ H x 17.5″ W x 17.5″ D                                  18 pounds*

Made of Shorea, what you can expect is a durable, dense wood whose color will weather from a natural blonde to one with a silver patina. Staining or painting your furnishings will retard this process. Some assembly of each piece will be required, however, it is minimal and included are easy-to-follow instructions.

Buy the Oxford Garden Classic Garden Bench Set for its understated elegance, its quality, because it’s unique from your neighbors’ furniture or because you want a great patio set (with a bonus end table) that is affordable. Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain, you will have it for years to come.

*Please note – with your purchase of the Oxford Garden Classic Garden Bench Set, you will receive a free end table.

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