Oxford Garden Essex Arm Chair

There comes a point when you own a home that the plastic chairs from your home improvement store will no longer do. You have taken the time, as well as expended the cash, to give your backyard a remodel. You’ve created meandering and seemingly endless pathways, and constructed a wooden pergola that backs into plants, shrubs and trees. Although you purchased a bench for those times when you can’t decide whether to take a nap or sit under a tree and contemplate life, your family eats its outdoor meals at a beautiful wood table that is surrounded by four white plastic chairs. It is definitely time to upgrade to something more sophisticated. A set of Oxford Garden Essex Arm Chairs is just what will complete the look.

Oxford Garden Essex Arm Chair

Oxford Garden Essex Arm Chair

Indeed money was tight after you bought your home. And the added expense of redoing your backyard meant that you needed to hold off on buying chairs to match your Oxford table. But if you think about it, continuing to replace those rickety plastic chairs is not only more costly, it is also becoming embarrassing each time someone breaks one. You swore the last time someone fell out of one and broke it that you would finally get real chairs. Here is your opportunity to buy chairs that not only match your table but also will be around many years from now. Imagine, not having to worry if these flimsy chairs you currently own will last through your next dinner, let alone until next summer when you anticipate having as many barbecues as you did this past summer.

What makes the Oxford Garden Essex Arm Chair an ideal purchase is that quality is literally built into every slab of wood used to create this chair. Apart from knowing that your chair will be sturdy, offer comfortable seating and two perfectly placed armrests, as an added bonus, it won’t mold, as will those cheap plastic chairs. Imagine if you will, getting through an entire meal with your only concern being the lamb shank, rice pilaf and asparagus in front of you. Well, perhaps the bottle of Cabernet you are pairing it with and the conversation with your spouse might rival the food you are eating.

The Perfect Chair for All Seasons

There is really no substitute for quality furniture. Sitting in the Essex arm chair, your entire buttocks can actually rest easy on the seat. And although your teenage son is a sloppy eater, you needn’t worry that food will fall between the slats of wood and rot your elegant chair. The back of the chair is so comfortable, as you are taking a breather from your meal, you will enjoy leaning into it, rather than needing to sit straight up to avoid the uncomfortable pressures from the chair you are sitting on currently. Because of its fine quality, you can be assured that regardless what season you are eating outside, even if it’s snowing, just brush off the snow, pull up the heater and dig in!

The dimensions of your garden chair are 35″ H x 27″ W x 26″ D and each one weighs 46 pounds. If you are unfamiliar with Shorea, it is a very dense and sturdy tree, which makes equally dense furniture. The first time you use your Oxford chair, you will notice its blonde color. Over time this will weather to a warm gray patina. If you would prefer this not happen, staining or painting will retard this process. If Made in the USA is important to you, you will be pleased to know that all Oxford furnishings are made in Louisville, Kentucky. As such, the quality of your bench needn’t be a concern.

If you are tired of your wobbly plastic chairs or you have decided it is time to upgrade the furniture to more closely match your elegant backyard, it is indeed time to consider something as classy as the Oxford Garden Essex Arm Chair. It is an investment that will be well worth it, as you will have these chairs for many years to come.

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