Oxford Garden Side Table

Fewer things say lazy afternoon than being in your backyard lounging on a bench, with the latest mystery by your favorite author and a cool drink. You even have a large cushion firmly pushed up against the arm of your bench. But as you sit down, you realize something is terribly wrong with this picture. How are you going to lean up against your cushion, prop your book on your tummy and read if you have to hold your drink at the same time? You sit up, put your drink in the grass, reposition yourself and start to read. Just as the plot is drawing you in, you become thirsty. You reach down for your drink and not looking at what you are doing, you knock it over into the grass. You are able to salvage half of your beverage and as you lift it to drink, you notice there are ants in the glass. There goes your perfect lazy day! But out of all this, you remember that as you were ordering your bench, you noticed that the Oxford Garden Siena Side Table matched perfectly with your patio set. Read more

Oxford Garden Siena Reclining Armchair

Admittedly, it is a bit of a cliché, but there is a reason why the chair in your living room that gets fought over the most is the one that reclines. Maybe you own one of those big comfy chairs that is reminiscent of the one in your parents’ or grandparent’s home. Perhaps, recognizing that nothing caused more arguments in your home than the lazy boy, you invested in a sectional sofa with levers on either side, which allow the two ends to recline. Why should it be any different outside? There is no reason why you can’t enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of a chair that allows you to lean back and take it all in. Classier and more stylish than a deck chair is the Oxford Garden Siena Reclining Armchair. Read more

Oxford Garden Essex Arm Chair

There comes a point when you own a home that the plastic chairs from your home improvement store will no longer do. You have taken the time, as well as expended the cash, to give your backyard a remodel. You’ve created meandering and seemingly endless pathways, and constructed a wooden pergola that backs into plants, shrubs and trees. Although you purchased a bench for those times when you can’t decide whether to take a nap or sit under a tree and contemplate life, your family eats its outdoor meals at a beautiful wood table that is surrounded by four white plastic chairs. It is definitely time to upgrade to something more sophisticated. A set of Oxford Garden Essex Arm Chairs is just what will complete the look. Read more

Oxford Garden Extension Patio Dining Set

If you entertain frequently outdoors and find that at times you would like to move the party from your ‘outdoor living room’ where you serve hors d’oeuvres and wine to a patio set that is more formal, the Oxford Garden Extension Patio Dining Set is just what you need. As much as you love lounging in your Oxford benches, having a three-course meal just won’t work sitting around a coffee table. Comfortable as it might be for hanging out, gabbing, passing crudités with your homemade spinach dip, deviled eggs and your favorite dry white wine, enjoying a sit down meal, complete with fork and knife is best done at a dining table. Read more

Oxford Garden 6’ Market Umbrella

About the only thing that might make owning either the Oxford Garden Classic Dining Set or the Chadwick Round Patio Dining Set just a wee bit nicer is if you also had the Oxford Garden 6’ Market Umbrella. For those days when eating barbecue or a more formal lunch outside would be much improved by having an umbrella to protect you from the sun, it really is a must have. Think of how many times you have had to improvise and move the table and chairs out of the sun and you thought to yourself, “This is so silly. We should just get an umbrella.” Read more

Oxford Garden Siena Ottoman

Few things can compete with the comfort of relaxing in an Oxford Classic Armchair or one of Oxford’s many 4 or 5-foot benches, but one thing could certainly enhance either experience. Just imagine if you will for a moment, it’s a day that hasn’t quite made up its mind whether it will be a hot end-of-summer day or if it will have that hint of crisp Autumn coolness in the air. You have just planted several rows of spinach, cabbage and kale and you just harvested some of the last of your tomatoes for the season. Suddenly you realize that you are both parched and that your muscles are talking to you and it’s a conversation you don’t really want to have at the moment. So you walk to your Oxford 5-foot bench, sit down and put your feet up on your recently purchased Oxford Garden Siena Ottoman. Read more

Oxford Garden Hampton Patio Dining Set

Whether you currently have a formal dining set outside and want to change the look of your backyard or you are buying one new, the Oxford Garden Hampton Patio Dining Set is one you will most certainly want to consider. It is fairly common when we first move into our homes, perhaps because money is tight, to buy furniture that is not quite what we wanted, but will do in a pinch. Indeed most of us find that “in a pinch” furniture from a home improvement store and although it tends to do just fine for a while, over time we long for one with flair and one that can last for several years. Read more

Oxford Garden Classic Garden Bench Set

As you prepare to move into your new home, you will no doubt have to make an assessment of the furniture you have versus the pieces you will need. If you are moving from an apartment, condo or a townhouse, chances are good that you didn’t have patio furniture and that you will want some in your new backyard. Of course, if you are anything like most people, you have to adhere to a tight budget. Overnight, it seems, your expenses just swelled; between the bigger mortgage, taxes and expanded utilities, there isn’t much wiggle room available for the expensive patio set you saw in the catalog, is there? Forget that designer collection! For less than half the cost but offering twice the quality, once you see the Oxford Garden Classic Garden Bench Set, it will quickly jump to the top of your list. Read more

Oxford Garden Savoy 5’ Bench

Whether they’re made from fabric or leather, beautiful as they are, sofas are rather limited in their usefulness. For the most part, they’re relegated to the family room, or if you have one, the formal living room and perhaps you have one in your bedroom. But because of the material they’re made from, unless you don’t mind them getting wet, they tend to live inside. Benches on the other hand, can be used indoors, outdoors and be moved from room to room. Benches like the Oxford Garden Savoy 5’ Bench are the epitome of function and elegance. Read more

Oxford Garden Essex 4’ Bench

For the person who has time-and-again fallen in love with any of the Oxford benches, but wished there were a “pint-sized” version available, you are just about to jump for joy! The Oxford Garden Essex 4’ Bench takes the bench you’ve already fallen in love with and made it the perfect size for two love birds. Read more

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