Prepac Fremont Small Twin Cubbie Bench in Espresso

Dark furniture has a way of communicating formal and elegant in a way that light colored furniture has a difficult time doing. The Prepac Fremont Small Twin Cubbie Bench in Espresso, for all its functionality, is one such piece. When looking at this bench, it’s difficult to imagine it living in a mudroom or your children’s play room. It is far too graceful a piece for those purposes.  Living at the foot of your bed, however, is likely where you already envision this bench. Read more

Prepac Maple Sonoma Cubbie Bench

What organized person doesn’t want a functional bench at the foot of his or her bed? A bench that gives you not only a place to sit while getting dressed but also cubbies to put a blanket and a few pillows is just plain practical, isn’t it? And if you can have one that’s pretty as well, that’s just an added bonus! For all its elegance, the Prepac Maple Sonoma Cubbie Bench is every bit as efficient. Offering three equally sized cubbies, never again will your extra bedding be relegated to the far reaches of your linen closet, or tucked behind your daughter’s Beauty and the Beast bed ensemble. Read more

Prepac White Monterey Cubbie Bench

From the first time you see the Prepac White Monterey Cubbie Bench, images of little girls’ dolls, their toys and stuffed animals are likely what will come to mind. Once you assemble it and place it in your daughter’s room, it will become not only her favorite storage place, but also a great bench on which to sit and play with her toys. A great addition to any young lady’s room, it will not only get her things off the floor, but it will complement her furniture. Whether she still has a convertible crib or has graduated to a big girl bed, the cubbie bench will look great at the foot of it. If however, space is at a premium and the bench can’t fully extend beyond the bed without people tripping over it, pushing it up against the wall where it will compliment her doll’s house is a great alternative. Read more

Prepac Maple Sonoma Twin Cubbie Bench

Who can’t use more storage space? Who doesn’t appreciate having an extra surface either to sit on or have a place to showcase your family photos? For many of us, the notion of giving up one for the other just won’t do. And with the Prepac Maple Sonoma Twin Cubbie Bench, you won’t have to. A functional place to have easy access to any number of items in your home, its practicality is only slightly eclipsed by its good looks. Read more

Prepac Fremont Cubbie Bench

There are so many uses for the Prepac Fremont Cubbie Bench, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. In your bedroom, your teenager’s room, the hallway or the mudroom, are just a few of the locations you’ll consider for this unique bench. Simple and understated, with its three-cubby system, it can serve many needs. Read more

Prepac Cherry Monterey Twin Cubbie Bench

One of the difficult things about deciding what to put in front of your bed is that you may want one thing and your husband another. Because your husband gets up much earlier than you for work, he likes to have his clothes laying out the night before. When he’s finished showering in the morning, all he need do is jump into his clothes and not have to thumb through the closet wondering in a half-awake state what to wear. You, on the other hand, would like a bench that you can sit on and store a few things in, such as pillows and a couple of blankets. Well, as the expression goes, “you can have your cake and eat it, too.” The Prepac Cherry Monterey Twin Cubbie Bench lets your husband lay his clothes out and you have easy access to a blanket or can put the bed’s decorative pillows in when you’re sleeping and aren’t using them. Read more

Prepac White Monterey Twin Cubbie Bench

What a charming piece of furniture is the Prepac White Monterey Twin Cubbie Bench. If you have been looking for a nice piece to add to your daughter’s room that serves as both storage and a place for her to play with her dolls, look no further. The compartments are the perfect size for Suzie’s doll collection to be prominently displayed for all who enter her room. Whether you place this bench in front of her twin-sized bed or against the wall, it’s one that you’ll be happy you got for her room. Read more

Prepac Cherry Monterey Cubbie Bench

Fewer things are more practical than a piece of furniture that offers storage and a place to sit and take a load off.  The simple yet functional design of the Prepac Cherry Monterey Cubbie Bench will have your mind racing in different directions. Who doesn’t have a use for a bench that also allows you to get all the clutter off the floor and into a bin or two? Read more

Prepac Black Sonoma Twin Cubbie Bench

It’s not often that you get to have two for the price of one, but with the Prepac Black Sonoma Twin Cubbie Bench, you not only get a great place to hide your things away, but also a cool bench to sit on. Offering so many uses, it will likely be difficult for you to decide where best to put it. Read more

Prepac Black Sonoma Cubbie Bench

When you need just a small amount of extra storage space and want an attractive solution then the Prepac Black Sonoma cubbie bench is the perfect solution. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the storage space in a well made piece of furniture. The fact that this company is environmentally friendly is an added plus when purchasing a good piece of furniture. Read more

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