Atlantic Outdoor Foldable Wood Potting Bench

If you are a gardener, then you know how relaxing and stimulating this wonderful hobby can be. Relaxing and stimulating aren’t exactly synonyms, of course. But as a gardener, you understand the marvelous contrast between the peaceful, sunny times spent close to the fertile processes of nature, and the thrill that comes from seeing the seeds or transplants you have so tenderly  cared for. Yes, gardening has been a wonderful pastime for you, and you want to treat it with the honor and respect it deserves. And this means you want to use high quality gardening supplies that will allow you to practice your green craft with efficiency and effectiveness, at each step of the process. In this spirit, let us now take a look at the Atlantic Outdoor Foldable Wood Potting Bench. Read more

Home Styles Cottage Oak Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench

It is a cliché that we so often hear: one’s home is one’s castle. And whether that castle is spacious and modern, or cozy and rustic, most of us would agree that clutter and untidiness are to be avoided. Perhaps this scenario describes one that plays itself out in your home every day. As you put your key in the door each night, you continually hope that today is the day you will come home and your teenagers’ coats, hats and athletic gear won’t litter the floor. However, despite all your pleading, once again a trail makes its way from the front door to their rooms. Instead of calling your kids’ names to retrieve their clothes off the foyer floor (or indulging your fantasy of running off to find another family to live with), determined not to let this ruin your evening, you quickly wonder if there is another solution you have yet to consider. That is where the Home Styles Cottage Oak Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench comes in. Read more

Home Styles Cherry Mini Hall Tree and Storage Bench

Your home is a place for comfort and relaxation, a place to unwind at the end of a hard day. You also want your home to be attractive and well maintained. It is for people to see you take a sense of pride in the appearance of your personal spaces. But there is something more a good home should provide – something slightly ineffable, but still substantial and important nonetheless.   A home should elevate and uplift your spirit, making you feel complete, at peace and literally at home with its surroundings. With those wants in mind, we are now going to ask you to turn your attention to the Home Styles Cherry Mini Hall Tree and Storage Bench. Read more

Home Styles White Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench

Art work can hang on your wall, it can sit on a desk or mantelpiece, or it can have its own featured spot in your living room. Adding art to your home is an excellent way to beautify your surroundings, no one will deny this. But if you are going for a more artistic look in your home, why stop there? Why not let your furnishings themselves also be works of art you put on display for visitors, and most importantly for your own enjoyment and appreciation? It is in this spirit that we propose you take a good long look at the Home Styles White Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench. Read more

Atlantic Outdoor Wood Potting Bench with Recessed Storage

How often have you been in the position of starting a project and regardless how prepared you thought you were, you found that you weren’t quite organized enough? Invariably this means having to stop midway and get something to finish the task. This can be especially frustrating when you are gardening and are preparing flowers to plant and you have run out of something or can’t place your hands on a necessary tool. With any luck, whatever you need is close by, perhaps in the shed, and you can finish the job with little time lost. Whether you lack ample surface space or storage is almost moot. It is frustrating nonetheless. If you could design your own furniture, one that addresses all your needs, you would in a heartbeat. However, wouldn’t it be nicer if someone heard your complaints and did this for you? If you are an avid gardener, The Atlantic Outdoor Wood Potting Bench with Recessed Storage will be that one piece you wondered how you did without for so long. Read more

Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Oak Finish

Whether your kids are 8 or 15, haven’t you been after them every day of their lives to stop using the floor as a coat rack? Although you had high hopes that this habit would stop when they got older, hoping maturity could reason with them even if you couldn’t, nothing happened, did it? The only ‘change’ you noticed is that the mess by the front door got worse as they began encouraging their friends to do the same. Indeed, in particular in your son’s bedroom, it’s often difficult to tell the difference between the clean clothes and those that should be tossed into the hamper. Before you run off to the funny farm because you’ve lost your mind trying to reason with a teenager, why not get him or her the Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Oak Finish? Read more

Atlantic Outdoor Glider Bench

Whether you are remodeling your outdoor oasis or you’ve just moved in and you’re buying all new furniture, even couples who agree on most everything can find themselves differing on opinions when it comes to furniture. Both separately and together you scour the Internet in search of items that express your personalities and serve a practical purpose as well. As you compare notes about this or that piece you’ve both seen, maybe this sounds like a familiar discussion. “I want a bench on the front porch,” says your spouse. “But I want a rocking chair. You know how much I love knitting while rocking and the baby loves to be rocked to sleep. It would be wonderful to be able to do that outside as well as in the nursery.” Although you can agree on the material you’d both like – wood – the concern that one of you may not be entirely thrilled with what you purchase isn’t a fun way to start things off. How about you both win? The Atlantic Outdoor Glider Bench gives your spouse the bench he wants and you get to rock the baby to sleep. Read more

Atlantic Outdoor Classic 2 Seat Bench with Pop-up Center Table

How often have you thought to yourself, “I love the bench in my backyard! It is incredibly comfortable, it goes with my patio furniture and I can relax for hours in it. I wish someone would come up with an attractive bench that has a table built in.” Clearly you are not the only one who talks to yourself and wonders allowed about inventions not yet made. You are also far from alone if you wish your bench could be multi-purposeful. If taking up woodworking isn’t in your future, perhaps the Atlantic Outdoor Classic 2 Seat Bench with Pop-up Center Table is. Read more

Atlantic Outdoor Convertible Wood Picnic Table and Garden Bench

It’s not often that someone has the ingenuity to create a picnic table that converts to a garden bench. Certainly for the most part they are mutually exclusive, but this one brings to mind the expression, “You can have your cake and eat it, too!” When you aren’t using the Atlantic Outdoor Convertible Wood Picnic Table and Garden Bench for your outdoor meals, fold it up and it’s an extremely comfortable bench for one, two or three people. Read more

Home Styles Dining Bench in Cottage Oak

There are many reasons people buy benches, aren’t there? Whether you purchase one for use indoors or to be used in your backyard, you want a bench that is as attractive as it is functional. Appealing to both your right and your left-brain will be the Home Styles Dining Bench in Cottage Oak. It not only adds extra seating when you need it, it is a beautiful piece you’ll be proud to own. Read more

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