Home Styles Lafayette Hall Tree and Storage Bench in Cherry

Classical beauty and elegance never go out of style. In fact, that is why we use the moniker ‘classical’ to describe objects of art, architecture and furniture that have a timeless appeal. Now, when the subject is furniture, the classical look is something we might normally desire for our bedroom, living room or library. The feeling of old-world comfort we derive when we are in the presence of classically-styled furniture is deliciously attractive, and under the right circumstances few would hesitate to add classical elements to their living spaces. But it might be surprising to discover that you can bring this classical look to your entrance hallway or foyer, which would normally be considered mundane spaces. This possibility actually exists, and could be made a reality if you were to acquire the Home Styles Lafayette Hall Tree and Storage Bench in Cherry. Read more

Home Styles Homestead Hall Tree and Storage Bench in Warm Cottage Oak

When you are decorating the interior of your home, there is one important principle you must always keep in mind – everything matters. A beautiful home is not just beautiful in the living room, dining room and the bedrooms. What you want is to bring a sense of style and class to every nook and corner, this is the only way you can truly create the kind of marvelous living environment that you deserve. Hallways are a part of your home that could easily be neglected. This is especially unfortunate when it comes to the hallway near the house’s entrance, which is the first thing you see when you come home each day. If this important space in your home has not received the loving attention it deserves, then an excellent way to begin addressing this is by adding the Home Styles Homestead Hall Tree and Storage Bench in Warm Cottage Oak. Read more

Home Styles Soda Shoppe Corner Booth Set in Black

When it comes to choosing a set of chairs for your kitchen, this can be a rather difficult task. Indeed you could easily buy the obligatory table and chairs that you so often see in your friends’ homes but cookie cutter doesn’t quite grab you. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a set of chairs that is an expression of your personality? In fact, from appliances to furniture to wall hangings and the plates you eat from, didn’t most of it come from an antique shop or an estate sale? Why should the chairs you sit on be any different? In keeping with your love for all things retro, the Home Styles Soda Shoppe Corner Booth Set in Black will look as if it were meant for you. Read more

Home Styles Soda Shoppe Corner Booth Set in Red

There are few things that rank higher than visiting your favorite diner for a hamburger, fries and a shake made with real ice cream, are there? Whether you are 8, 18, 48 or 78, the romance of this experience doesn’t diminish. When you’re 8, going to a diner with your mom and dad means you can sit in the vinyl upholstered seat and proudly order your meal all by yourself. When you’re 18 and on your first date with your new boyfriend or girlfriend, sipping from the same milkshake is a rite of passage we all must go through, isn’t it? The excitement hardly decreases in your 30s and 40s does it? By the time you’re in your 70s, it could be the hamburger or the nostalgia, but something keeps bringing you back to this experience. What happens when there are fewer and fewer diners because either state-of-the-art or extremely fancy restaurants have replaced them? The solution might surprise you: the Home Styles Soda Shoppe Corner Booth Set in Red can bring the nostalgia to your home. Read more

Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Cherry Finish

Now that Old Man Winter is just days away (indeed some regions have already seen their first snowfalls), you are likely considering ways to minimize the heap of cold weather clothes that have cluttered your front entrance in years’ past. Whether you have a mudroom or not, devising a system that encourages your family to streamline the adding and removing of their boots, coats and hats is no doubt your goal this year. Surely, you reason with yourself, this involves purchasing either a costly armoire, or at least two different items: a coat rack (or at minimum several sturdy hooks), and a bench to sit on to remove boots and snow pants. Ideally this bench opens to store mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, etc. Equally ideal, your grand total wouldn’t prevent you from enjoying the upcoming holidays. And it would be great if this ‘wonder thing’ were pretty and not an eye sore. What your family needs is simple: It’s called the Full Storage Bench with Cherry Finish. Read more

Oxford Garden Siena Reclining Armchair

Admittedly, it is a bit of a cliché, but there is a reason why the chair in your living room that gets fought over the most is the one that reclines. Maybe you own one of those big comfy chairs that is reminiscent of the one in your parents’ or grandparent’s home. Perhaps, recognizing that nothing caused more arguments in your home than the lazy boy, you invested in a sectional sofa with levers on either side, which allow the two ends to recline. Why should it be any different outside? There is no reason why you can’t enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of a chair that allows you to lean back and take it all in. Classier and more stylish than a deck chair is the Oxford Garden Siena Reclining Armchair. Read more

Oxford Garden Essex Arm Chair

There comes a point when you own a home that the plastic chairs from your home improvement store will no longer do. You have taken the time, as well as expended the cash, to give your backyard a remodel. You’ve created meandering and seemingly endless pathways, and constructed a wooden pergola that backs into plants, shrubs and trees. Although you purchased a bench for those times when you can’t decide whether to take a nap or sit under a tree and contemplate life, your family eats its outdoor meals at a beautiful wood table that is surrounded by four white plastic chairs. It is definitely time to upgrade to something more sophisticated. A set of Oxford Garden Essex Arm Chairs is just what will complete the look. Read more

Lyon Plastic Laminate Locker Room Bench on Steel Pedestals

Just because women choose to be athletic, doesn’t in any way mean that they should be required to give up style in their locker rooms. Yes, women sweat as hard as men, can give a man a run for his money on the basketball court, playing fast-pitch softball and in a spin class, but she shouldn’t have to necessarily be surrounded by drab and rugged when getting ready to compete. This is why the Lyon Plastic Laminate Locker Room Bench on Steel Pedestals is such a big hit in high school gyms and work out facilities alike who cater to women. Read more

Lyon Hardwood Locker Room Bench with Aluminum Pedestals

Fewer things are more exciting than opening up a new business. After you get your loan approved and you start planning where things will go, how your business will look, and what your customers will be like as they come through your doors is a thrill only known if you have ever taken the plunge into entrepreneurship. One industry that does well in a almost any economy is one related to health and well being. Working out and getting healthy is not only smart for those doing it, “getting in on the action” from a business perspective is a great decision as well. If yours will be a fitness center, certainly you’ll need to have places to sit as people dress, undress and contemplate their workout routine. You really can’t go with a better choice than the Lyon Hardwood Locker Room Bench with Aluminum Pedestals. Read more

Lyon Aluminum Locker Room Bench with Aluminum Pedestals

Let’s face it, even locker rooms need a facelift now and again. This applies to the one in your local workout facility or the high school where you play football, basketball or baseball. Indeed there’s something rugged and nostalgic about dressing for the big game in a locker room that’s in desperate need of an updated look, but not when the wood benches smell of sweat from every single game your high school ever played! When your team begs for a new place to hang their jerseys, be sure to request several Lyon Aluminum Locker Room Bench with Aluminum Pedestals to replace the wooden ones that have been there since the 1950s. Read more

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