Kingsley-Bate Chippendale Teak Bench

Leisure time is precious – but it can also be maddeningly elusive.  There is just so much work to be done, at the office and at home, that you don’t have the time to get away with family and friends the way you would like. You’d love to be able to take off for short evening or weekend trips; but either you can’t find the time or even if you have a little time you are so tired that all you want to do is stay home and rest.  This is a legitimate conundrum, because you need that leisure time to recharge your batteries and restore your frazzled nerves. So, what can you do? How about transforming your own backyard, patio or deck into a place for quick but awesome re-energizing retreats? And how about starting this project by purchasing the Kingsley-Bate Chippendale Teak Bench? Read more

Kingsley-Bate Dunbarton Teak Bench

Creating a thriving, green garden space in your backyard can be a pleasurable and satisfying experience. All the work you put into it, selecting the right trees, shrubs, flowers, or other plants, then planting them and caring for them as they grow. In the end you will realize it was all worth the effort, once you cast your eyes on the beautiful green oasis you have created when everything is in full bloom. But the early looks at your living masterpiece will only whet your appetite and leave you wanting more. You have created your lovely garden, and now you want to spend time there, not just working it but relaxing and enjoying the peaceful, quiet environment. With this thought in mind, now is the time when you need to make an investment to acquire the perfect starting point for a garden gathering spot for yourself, your family, and your friends. What you need to buy, immediately if not sooner, is the Kingsley-Bate Dunbarton Teak Bench. Read more

Kingsley-Bate Mandalay Teak Bench

We are living in a Culture of Now. It seems as if everyone is always on the verge of being late – we have to be somewhere, pick someone up, turn something in or get something finished right now, and if there is any way we can have it done five minutes ago, that would be even better. This perpetual need to hurry leaves us dominated by a persistent state of low-level tension, which can be mentally and physically debilitating if left untreated. So, what can we do? Rather than going to the doctor looking for the latest magic pill, the best option is to create a spot dedicated to rest, relaxation and contemplation right in our own backyard.  Creating a peaceful garden space would be one excellent alternative, and here is where the good folks at Kingsley-Bate have something to offer that could really help you get this project off the ground – the Kingsley-Bate Mandalay Teak Bench. Read more

Kingsley-Bate St George Bench

There are few things more perfect in life than buying a stunning and well-crafted piece of furniture. Perhaps that might seem a little strange when comparing the notion of perfect to so many other things in life. After all, spying a brilliantly colored rainbow just following a rainstorm, proposing to your girlfriend and hearing her say without hesitation, “YES!” or the sound of several birds singing their favorite song are some examples of what comes to mind when someone asks what perfect is. Okay, so now imagine all those things, which we’ve now agreed are among the perfect moments life has to offer and picture yourself experiencing them on something as beautiful as the Kingsley-Bate St George Bench. Read more

Oxford Garden Classic Garden Bench Set

As you prepare to move into your new home, you will no doubt have to make an assessment of the furniture you have versus the pieces you will need. If you are moving from an apartment, condo or a townhouse, chances are good that you didn’t have patio furniture and that you will want some in your new backyard. Of course, if you are anything like most people, you have to adhere to a tight budget. Overnight, it seems, your expenses just swelled; between the bigger mortgage, taxes and expanded utilities, there isn’t much wiggle room available for the expensive patio set you saw in the catalog, is there? Forget that designer collection! For less than half the cost but offering twice the quality, once you see the Oxford Garden Classic Garden Bench Set, it will quickly jump to the top of your list. Read more

Oxford Garden Savoy 5’ Bench

Whether they’re made from fabric or leather, beautiful as they are, sofas are rather limited in their usefulness. For the most part, they’re relegated to the family room, or if you have one, the formal living room and perhaps you have one in your bedroom. But because of the material they’re made from, unless you don’t mind them getting wet, they tend to live inside. Benches on the other hand, can be used indoors, outdoors and be moved from room to room. Benches like the Oxford Garden Savoy 5’ Bench are the epitome of function and elegance. Read more

Oxford Garden Essex 8’ Bench

How often have you wished that your four or five foot bench were just a bit bigger? If you entertain frequently and your parties tend to gravitate outside, the extra seating will be ideal. Perhaps you expanded your backyard and a larger bench would work better in the more open area. Whatever reason you have for an extended version of the bench you already love, the Oxford Garden Essex 8’ Bench is the answer you’re looking for. Read more

Old Adirondack Lake George Table with Two Adirondack Chairs

Unfortunately, the Old Adirondack Lake George Table has been discontinued.

For those evenings when your formal outdoor dining table isn’t quite romantic enough, the Old Adirondack Lake George Table with Two Adirondack Chairs is perfect. It’s small enough that you’re not far away from the one you love and yet big enough that you’re not knocking into one another as you eat your dinner. Read more

Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Round Table with Two Chairs

There’s something so intimate about eating meals on a round table. The person at the opposite end is close enough to touch and the shape brings the plates and glasses together in a way that a square or rectangular table just can’t accomplish. If you’ve been searching for a table that looks fabulous and allows you to gently caress your sweetie, this is the one! The Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Round Table with Two Chairs is most certain to be responsible for a lot of hand holding during your dinner or as you drink your favorite Zinfandel under a blanket of romantic stars. The table, while appearing to be rather plain, you’ll come to see as the epitome of elegance in its simplicity. Read more

Old Adirondack Whitehall 5 Piece Picnic Group

Whether you are a master behind the barbecue or you just love informal settings for your outdoor meals, the Old Adirondack Whitehall 5 Piece Picnic Group is ideal for your family and you. Combining the things you love about having a family gathering at your local park with the privacy of your home, as the saying goes, “you really can have your cake and eat it, too!” Read more

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