Old Adirondack Mirror Lake 4 Piece Conversation Set

If you already own a formal dining set outside and have been searching for one that is reminiscent of your family room, the Old Adirondack Mirror Lake 4 Piece Conversation Set may be just what you’re looking for. Consisting of your favorite Old Adirondack bench, chair, side table and coffee table, this set gives you everything you need to relax with friends and family on your patio. If you are familiar with their line of furniture, you’ll instantly recognize the pieces that make up this incredible set. Sturdy, functional, elegant and they’re all pieces you’ve been looking for individually. It’s the quality you’ve come to know with that distinctive look you’ve come to love. Read more

Old Adirondack Tahawus Large Conversation Set

Honestly, what could be better than finding a set that includes the Adirondack bench you’ve been looking for, combined with the chair and coffee table you already fell in love with, all in one set? If, like many people, you have found yourself enthralled with the quality furniture offered in the Old Adirondack line, you will absolutely love the Old Adirondack Tahawus Large Conversation Set, which combines the Tahawus garden bench, chair and square table that you have probably been eying as separate pieces. Sold separately, you’d deal not only with a higher price per piece, but the hassle of shipping each in separate containers. Read more

Old Adirondack Whitehall Table with Two Benches

For far less expensive than you might imagine, your family and you can have a picnic style meal, without having to go to your local park to do so. The Old Adirondack Whitehall Table with Two Benches brings the picnic to you, eliminating the hassle of making a reservation with your city, or fighting your neighbors for space. Read more

Oxford Garden Essex Curved 83” Bench

If you have ever been to England and spent time in any of their beautiful botanical gardens, or perhaps had an opportunity to visit with friends in the British countryside, the Oxford Garden Essex Curved 83” Bench might seem familiar to you. Although not as commonly used in American landscaping, they are rather typical in a British garden, and are often seen under a large shade tree with several people deep in conversation. However, don’t let the size fool you; two lovebirds can cozy up on a bench of this length, quite nicely. Read more

Old Adirondack Diamond Point Group Planters

Why would you go through the time and expense of buying patio furniture that is an expression of you and then pair the set with plant boxes that say ho hum? As soon as you see The Old Adirondack Diamond Point Group Planters, you’ll quickly realize that you can have function, beauty and elegance all in one.  If you like the idea of highlighting your miniature trees and/or your favorite flowers with some pizazz, make a statement with these planter boxes. Read more

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