Kingsley-Bate Sea Island 54 inch Teak Bench

Imagine yourself living a quiet, simple life in a seaside cottage somewhere in the British Isles. The sights and sounds of a rugged, turbulent sea in the distance are your constant companion as you go about your daily chores, or as you just sit to relax on a comfortable wooden bench perfectly placed on the edge of your small English country garden. Images like these may seem far from reality; but in fact these visions should be your inspiration as you look to add style and panache to your backyard relaxation spaces. Dream of something spectacular that would soothe your soul, and then do the best you can to make it happen. Maybe one place to start would be with that bench. If you could find something like the one in your vision, then the magical process of transformation of your favorite retreat area could begin in earnest. What you need is something like – no, change that to exactly like – the Kingsley-Bate Sea Island 54 inch Teak Bench. Read more

Home Styles Cabana Banana Chair, Ottoman, and Loveseat in Honey

Beautiful tropical settings are a wonderful alternative to the same old ordinary daily reality. Not that we don’t love our realities; they are what we have chosen, and they are where we ultimately want to be. Nevertheless, the desire to spice things up a little is normal, natural and entirely worth indulging. So imagine, if you will, that you have discovered your own deserted tropical island somewhere, and you are looking to set up a living space that will be the epitome of comfort and casual luxury.  The total picture you create in your mind may be a fantasy, but still – wouldn’t it be great if you could bring just a little of that alternative reality to your own home? Well, it turns out you can – if you purchase the Home Styles Cabana Banana Chair, Ottoman, and Loveseat in Honey, you can bring a touch of tropical fantasy to your home right now. Read more

Kingsley-Bate Hyde Park 6 foot Teak Bench

In our modern world, we live at a hare’s pace. We are always running, always moving, always on the go to work, to school, to the mall – it seems like there are a million things to do, but precious few hours in which to do them. Nevertheless, the need for peace and relaxation is as urgent as ever. In fact, because we are so often overstressed, the need for restful moments is more of an imperative than ever before. And without a doubt, the best place to find those moments is in our own personal zones of comfort. At home or at the office, we need a quiet oasis for recharging and replenishing. When we seek to create such a space in our backyard, or perhaps at the workplace as a reward for our hard-working employees, then a wonderful place to start such a project would be to purchase an exquisite Kingsley-Bate Hyde Park 6 foot Teak Bench. Read more

Home Styles Cabana Banana 2 Chairs and Loveseat in Cocoa

When family or cherished guests stop by, you want to make them feel comfortable, at ease and at home. Of course, your warm hospitality will go a long way toward achieving these goals. Nevertheless, you want to decorate and furnish your physical spaces in ways that are attractive, inviting and welcoming in a casual and friendly manner. One way to create a living room environment that fits this requirement to the letter is to purchase the Home Styles Cabana Banana 2 Chairs and Loveseat in Cocoa. This fantastically beautiful furniture set will say to any visitor, “Come on in, kick off your shoes, sit back and relax so we can enjoy some wonderful light conversation and maybe some drinks or snacks on the side to make things even more comfortable and fun.” Read more

Kingsley-Bate Hyde Park 5 foot Teak Bench

Do you know of Hyde Park in London, England? One of the most famous parks in the world, Hyde Park represents the quintessential English landscape; quiet, peaceful, beautifully decorated with colorful flowers and thriving green foliage. Part recreational area and part entertainment space now as well, Hyde Park nevertheless has been able to maintain its charming old-style English garden aura, and it remains the perfect Sunday afternoon destination. Much goes into the creation of such an aura, including carefully crafted park benches, which are a vitally important part of the overall atmosphere of this inviting public space. And now, believe it or not, you can recreate the atmosphere of a peaceful British park in your own backyard or business lawn space, with the help of the Kingsley-Bate Hyde Park 5 foot Teak Bench. Read more

Home Styles Cabana Banana Set in Cocoa

As you weigh your furniture options carefully, several considerations come to mind.  Among them, where you live but as well, “if I could have exactly what I want, I would get…” Where you live, whether it is the Northeast, Southeast, Mid-West, Pacific Northwest or some other region in the country, happens to be diametrically opposed to what you might buy if only you lived in the tropics. When you plan your vacations, most, if not all, have you soaking up the sun, wriggling your toes in the white sand, looking out over the bluest of waters and relaxing in a hammock in the Caribbean. If you have often caught yourself romanticizing the notion of buying property on one of your favorite tropical islands, you already know that you are hooked on the lifestyle and climate. Why fight it? Until you are ready to move to the location you’ve long dreamed of, bring the islands to you with the Home Styles Cabana Banana Set in Cocoa. Read more

Home Styles Cabana Banana 2 Chairs and Loveseat in Honey

Imagine a quiet, warm summer evening spent whiling away the hours on your veranda, palm fronds in the background, sipping a cool fruit drink while an overhead ceiling fan spins lazily above you. This soothing picture evokes something special – tropical settings where the living is easy and slow, where every day is like a holiday. In reality, you may not have a veranda, or live on a Caribbean Island. But nevertheless, you could bring a little touch of that tropical spirit to your favorite room or indoor patio space by purchasing a set of Home Styles Cabana Banana Chairs and Loveseat in Honey. Read more

Oxford Garden Extension Patio Dining Set

If you entertain frequently outdoors and find that at times you would like to move the party from your ‘outdoor living room’ where you serve hors d’oeuvres and wine to a patio set that is more formal, the Oxford Garden Extension Patio Dining Set is just what you need. As much as you love lounging in your Oxford benches, having a three-course meal just won’t work sitting around a coffee table. Comfortable as it might be for hanging out, gabbing, passing crudités with your homemade spinach dip, deviled eggs and your favorite dry white wine, enjoying a sit down meal, complete with fork and knife is best done at a dining table. Read more

Oxford Garden Hampton Patio Dining Set

Whether you currently have a formal dining set outside and want to change the look of your backyard or you are buying one new, the Oxford Garden Hampton Patio Dining Set is one you will most certainly want to consider. It is fairly common when we first move into our homes, perhaps because money is tight, to buy furniture that is not quite what we wanted, but will do in a pinch. Indeed most of us find that “in a pinch” furniture from a home improvement store and although it tends to do just fine for a while, over time we long for one with flair and one that can last for several years. Read more

Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 3 Cabinets and 2 Tops

Rarely does a workbench come along that offers both an extended work surface as well as a multitude of drawers in a variety of configurations for storage. When one does, it is often marketed toward industrial use and is cost prohibitive for the man or woman who creates in his or her personal workshop. The Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 3 Cabinets and 2 Tops is marketed both to home use as well as industrial, however, when taking into account what comes standard on this workbench, your reaction will be, “Is that really all it costs?” Read more

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