Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 5 Drawer Slenderline Cabinet

Equally at home in your personal workshop as it is in an industrial machine shop is the Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 5 Drawer Slenderline Cabinet. This is the ultimate bench for anybody who does serious machinery and needs a multipurpose workstation with a sturdy top and several drawers. But do not assume its attributes stop there; the Lyon Modular is just getting warmed up. Read more

Lyon Ergo Work Bench with Stringer

What good is a workbench if after only an hour of using it, your back aches and because it’s the perfect height for someone four inches taller than you, your shoulders are “on fire” every time you use it? Does that sound familiar? If you work in a machine shop, and the majority of your job has you standing in front of a work bench, your comfort while doing so is of the utmost importance to your employer and you, isn’t it? If traditional benches have left you in pain or fatigued too quickly, the Lyon Ergo Work Bench with Stringer will be a welcome addition to your life. Read more

Old Adirondack Blue Mountain 5-Piece Dining Set

If you have been pouring through catalogs looking for the ideal dining table and chairs for your backyard, and they’ve all left you to wonder whether you have to “settle” for something that’s made of aluminum or a set made of wood but that just isn’t your style, the Old Adirondack Blue Mountain 5-Piece Dining Set might just be what you’ve been hoping to find. It’s the set whose design says rustic at first glance, but look a little deeper and you’ll see that it’s elegant in an understated fashion. It’s so versatile, whether you’re eating barbecue chicken and ribs, potato salad and lemonade or Chateaubriand, rice pilaf, asparagus and your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon, nothing will seem out of place. Read more

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