Home Styles Cottage Oak Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench

It is a cliché that we so often hear: one’s home is one’s castle. And whether that castle is spacious and modern, or cozy and rustic, most of us would agree that clutter and untidiness are to be avoided. Perhaps this scenario describes one that plays itself out in your home every day. As you put your key in the door each night, you continually hope that today is the day you will come home and your teenagers’ coats, hats and athletic gear won’t litter the floor. However, despite all your pleading, once again a trail makes its way from the front door to their rooms. Instead of calling your kids’ names to retrieve their clothes off the foyer floor (or indulging your fantasy of running off to find another family to live with), determined not to let this ruin your evening, you quickly wonder if there is another solution you have yet to consider. That is where the Home Styles Cottage Oak Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench comes in. Read more

Home Styles White Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench

Art work can hang on your wall, it can sit on a desk or mantelpiece, or it can have its own featured spot in your living room. Adding art to your home is an excellent way to beautify your surroundings, no one will deny this. But if you are going for a more artistic look in your home, why stop there? Why not let your furnishings themselves also be works of art you put on display for visitors, and most importantly for your own enjoyment and appreciation? It is in this spirit that we propose you take a good long look at the Home Styles White Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench. Read more

Home Styles Homestead Hall Tree and Storage Bench in Warm Cottage Oak

When you are decorating the interior of your home, there is one important principle you must always keep in mind – everything matters. A beautiful home is not just beautiful in the living room, dining room and the bedrooms. What you want is to bring a sense of style and class to every nook and corner, this is the only way you can truly create the kind of marvelous living environment that you deserve. Hallways are a part of your home that could easily be neglected. This is especially unfortunate when it comes to the hallway near the house’s entrance, which is the first thing you see when you come home each day. If this important space in your home has not received the loving attention it deserves, then an excellent way to begin addressing this is by adding the Home Styles Homestead Hall Tree and Storage Bench in Warm Cottage Oak. Read more

Home Styles Black Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench

One of the things we prize most in life is reliability. We want the people in our lives to be reliable, of course, and we try to be reliable in our dealings with others. We also want our things to be reliable – we want our cars or our appliances to work, and we want to know exactly where our important stuff is when we need it the most. What characterizes “important stuff” varies from person to person; but good convenient storage space is one of those overlooked items that we need in order to guarantee we can find our stuff when we go looking for it. The Home Styles Black Mini Hall Tree with Storage Bench is one very nifty item that can definitely help you solve this problem. Read more

Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Oak Finish

Whether your kids are 8 or 15, haven’t you been after them every day of their lives to stop using the floor as a coat rack? Although you had high hopes that this habit would stop when they got older, hoping maturity could reason with them even if you couldn’t, nothing happened, did it? The only ‘change’ you noticed is that the mess by the front door got worse as they began encouraging their friends to do the same. Indeed, in particular in your son’s bedroom, it’s often difficult to tell the difference between the clean clothes and those that should be tossed into the hamper. Before you run off to the funny farm because you’ve lost your mind trying to reason with a teenager, why not get him or her the Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Oak Finish? Read more

Home Styles Full Storage Bench with Cherry Finish

Now that Old Man Winter is just days away (indeed some regions have already seen their first snowfalls), you are likely considering ways to minimize the heap of cold weather clothes that have cluttered your front entrance in years’ past. Whether you have a mudroom or not, devising a system that encourages your family to streamline the adding and removing of their boots, coats and hats is no doubt your goal this year. Surely, you reason with yourself, this involves purchasing either a costly armoire, or at least two different items: a coat rack (or at minimum several sturdy hooks), and a bench to sit on to remove boots and snow pants. Ideally this bench opens to store mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, etc. Equally ideal, your grand total wouldn’t prevent you from enjoying the upcoming holidays. And it would be great if this ‘wonder thing’ were pretty and not an eye sore. What your family needs is simple: It’s called the Full Storage Bench with Cherry Finish. Read more

Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 5 Drawer Slenderline Cabinet

Equally at home in your personal workshop as it is in an industrial machine shop is the Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 5 Drawer Slenderline Cabinet. This is the ultimate bench for anybody who does serious machinery and needs a multipurpose workstation with a sturdy top and several drawers. But do not assume its attributes stop there; the Lyon Modular is just getting warmed up. Read more

Prepac Fremont Small Twin Cubbie Bench in Espresso

Dark furniture has a way of communicating formal and elegant in a way that light colored furniture has a difficult time doing. The Prepac Fremont Small Twin Cubbie Bench in Espresso, for all its functionality, is one such piece. When looking at this bench, it’s difficult to imagine it living in a mudroom or your children’s play room. It is far too graceful a piece for those purposes.  Living at the foot of your bed, however, is likely where you already envision this bench. Read more

Prepac Maple Sonoma Cubbie Bench

What organized person doesn’t want a functional bench at the foot of his or her bed? A bench that gives you not only a place to sit while getting dressed but also cubbies to put a blanket and a few pillows is just plain practical, isn’t it? And if you can have one that’s pretty as well, that’s just an added bonus! For all its elegance, the Prepac Maple Sonoma Cubbie Bench is every bit as efficient. Offering three equally sized cubbies, never again will your extra bedding be relegated to the far reaches of your linen closet, or tucked behind your daughter’s Beauty and the Beast bed ensemble. Read more

Prepac White Monterey Cubbie Bench

From the first time you see the Prepac White Monterey Cubbie Bench, images of little girls’ dolls, their toys and stuffed animals are likely what will come to mind. Once you assemble it and place it in your daughter’s room, it will become not only her favorite storage place, but also a great bench on which to sit and play with her toys. A great addition to any young lady’s room, it will not only get her things off the floor, but it will complement her furniture. Whether she still has a convertible crib or has graduated to a big girl bed, the cubbie bench will look great at the foot of it. If however, space is at a premium and the bench can’t fully extend beyond the bed without people tripping over it, pushing it up against the wall where it will compliment her doll’s house is a great alternative. Read more

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