Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 3 Cabinets and 2 Tops

Rarely does a workbench come along that offers both an extended work surface as well as a multitude of drawers in a variety of configurations for storage. When one does, it is often marketed toward industrial use and is cost prohibitive for the man or woman who creates in his or her personal workshop. The Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 3 Cabinets and 2 Tops is marketed both to home use as well as industrial, however, when taking into account what comes standard on this workbench, your reaction will be, “Is that really all it costs?” Read more

Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 5 Drawer Slenderline Cabinet

Equally at home in your personal workshop as it is in an industrial machine shop is the Lyon Modular Drawer Workstation with 5 Drawer Slenderline Cabinet. This is the ultimate bench for anybody who does serious machinery and needs a multipurpose workstation with a sturdy top and several drawers. But do not assume its attributes stop there; the Lyon Modular is just getting warmed up. Read more

Lyon Ergo Work Bench with Stringer

What good is a workbench if after only an hour of using it, your back aches and because it’s the perfect height for someone four inches taller than you, your shoulders are “on fire” every time you use it? Does that sound familiar? If you work in a machine shop, and the majority of your job has you standing in front of a work bench, your comfort while doing so is of the utmost importance to your employer and you, isn’t it? If traditional benches have left you in pain or fatigued too quickly, the Lyon Ergo Work Bench with Stringer will be a welcome addition to your life. Read more

Lyon Work Bench with Stringer and Drawer

Whether you are working in your home workshop or doing machinery at work, you have likely been in the position of having a piece of wood clamped in a vice and the wrong drill bit on the drill. Now you have to stop what you are doing, put the drill down and go to your toolbox and find the correct drill bit that corresponds to the size screws you already have. If you owned a Lyon Work Bench with Stringer and Drawer, you could have had all your bits and screws in the drawer, which would no doubt be adjacent your vice. Read more

Lyon Work Bench with Stringer and Shelf

Fewer things are more frustrating than having a workbench that is flimsy and doesn’t support whatever it is that you are working on. Whether the object you’re creating, shaping, cutting or otherwise manipulating, is made of metal, wood or plastic, having something underneath that you can rely on is paramount. No longer will you have this problem when you start using the Lyon Work Bench with Stringer and Shelf. It stands securely in place so you can saw, nail, mold or do whatever you need to do in your workshop. Read more

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