Outdoor Storage Benches Serve Dual Purpose

Who doesn’t need more storage? And who wouldn’t like that storage to serve a dual purpose? That is what an outdoor storage bench can do for you. Outdoor storage benches are designed to hide away the unsightly clutter that tends to accumulate, to store things we might need or want at that location, and to disguise itself as an attractive place to relax. This multiple purpose is what makes storage benches so appealing.

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Where to Use an Outside Storage Bench

Step 2 Outdoor Storage Bench

Step 2 Outdoor Storage Bench

There are many places that would be appropriate to place a storage bench outside. Next to the swimming pool is a common one, and for good reason. It is the perfect place to store diving sticks, inflatable armbands, flotation devices, and other toys. Supplies such as sunscreen and towels will fit well, and always be close by when you need them. You could even store pool chemicals, although this would not be advised if children have access to the bench.

Look around at different homes in your neighborhood, and you’re sure to spot a home that has a deck storage bench. Decks are another place where you can store anything that you might want while you’re enjoying that next BBQ. Items such as cushions, citronella candles, bug spray, and even sporting equipment can easily be hidden away, yet kept close for quick and easy access.

Achla Design Storage Bench

Achla Design Storage Bench

Patios are similar to decks, but you might place a storage bench on your patio for water hoses, buckets, soap, and sponges to wash your car, or you might keep sprinkling cans so they’ll be close by for watering your flowers. Another option would be to keep a ready supply of firewood and fire starters, so that you’ll always have easy access for building a fire in your chiminea or fire pit.

If you spend time in the garden, a storage bench would be a welcome addition. Having hoses for watering, small tools such as spades, buckets, or rakes, and fertilizers and potting soils close by will simplify your life and add to your gardening enjoyment.

The neat thing about storage benches is that they are so versatile. Place one wherever you have need for additional storage and would like to have a place to sit as well.

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Types of Materials Used to Make Outdoor Storage Benches

Outdoor storage benches can be made from a variety of materials. The most common are resin, recycled plastic, and wood. If choosing a wooden storage bench, it is critical to make sure it is designed to hold up in outdoor conditions. Certain types of wood including cedar, teak, shorea, eucalyptus, and Honduran mahogany are capable of standing up to the weather.

Styles of Outdoor Storage Benches

Not so long ago, an outdoor storage bench looked just like a box that was the right height to sit on. Although it is necessary by nature to have a box incorporated into the design, today’s manufacturing methods make it easier than ever to blend style with functionality. You can choose from backless models, designs that are made to look like wicker, and designs that look a lot more like a bench than a storage receptacle.

Choosing an Outdoor Storage Bench

There are a number of considerations that must be taken into account when purchasing an outdoor storage bench. The first is space. Make a list of the things you plan to store in your bench, and gather them together. Look at how well they fit, and take measurements to see how much space you’ll need. This is the minimum inside measurement that you should look for in your new bench.

Second, consider looks. What style will blend in well and appear as if it belongs? Does it need to be wood in order to look good? Should it have a back or not? These are all questions that can help you determine the style of bench that will fit your location.

Durability is another consideration. How long will this bench last? Is it made out of appropriate materials to withstand the elements? Is the construction method good?

Water tightness is another factor you should consider. Depending on what you want to store in your bench and where it will be located, it may be necessary to be completely watertight, even under rainy conditions. For other items, it may not be that important. And if your bench will be located in a covered area such as a porch, this may not be a factor at all.

Customer reviews are helpful in finding out much of this information. Take time to look at the overall perspective. Does the bench receive a good rating? Does it have a lot of negative feedback? Read through a few of the reviews, both positive and negative. You can get a good feel for whether this product meets customer expectations.

And finally, check on the warranty. A bench that is well made should have a decent warranty to back it up. If the company only provides a short warranty, perhaps they are not as confident in their product as we would hope they’d be!

Price will of course factor into your decision, but don’t let that be the only factor. As you’ll find in many things throughout life, you really do get what you pay for. Now that doesn’t mean that just because a price is higher the product is better, but a cheap price means you’d better take time to review it thoroughly, otherwise, you’re likely to find yourself sending it back.

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What Type Of Bench?

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